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A Round Up of Meet My Parrots So Far

Published on Tuesday, 9th May 2017
Filed under Meet My Parrot
Since we started our Meet My Parrot in June 2016, we’ve met many different Parrots and their proud owners.

First up, in June 2016, we met Sacha the African Grey and his owners Adrian and Glynis Hiles. Sacha was one of our oldest birds at 28.

Next up there was Pippy the Budgie and his owner Joanna Armstrong. Pippy was one of the finalists in the Face of Amazon Pets contest, but sadly he didn’t win.

Then we met another Budgie, Hector and his owner Marianne Marlow. Hector was really into his herbs.

After that we met Bobby the African Grey in September 2016 and his owner Pamela Watkins. Bobby can speak over 150 words.

In October 2016 Chili the Green-cheeked Conure took centre stage and his owner Ross Howe. Chili loves playing fetch and is doing his best to start speaking as much as Bobby.

In November 2016 we welcomed Mango the Plum-Headed Parakeet and his owner Brandon Faustino. Mango loved climbing with the rest of the flock he lived with.

Clive Wheeler introduced us to his African Grey Molly in December 2016. Molly loved travelling up and down motorways and eating chicken.

At the start of 2017 we met Ruby the African Grey and her owner Linda Knights. Molly loved her wooden toys and pomegranate.

In February 2017 we met Rio the Sun Conure, who loved apples, and his owner Haider Ali. 

In March 2017 Winston the African Grey (who is also on Instagram) took centre stage, along with his owner Fiona Jeffrey. 

Our most recent Meet My Parrot in April 2017 was Casper the Budgie and owner Eleanor Lewis, who is quite a chatterbox, which is probably why he loves his noisy bells so much. 

If you’d like to feature in a future Meet My Parrot, email us at info@northernparrots with your answers to these questions or write your own. 

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