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A Round Up of Meet My Parrots 2018

Published on Friday, 23rd March 2018
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Since May 2017 we’ve met some amazing Parrots as part of our Meet My Parrot series. Read about the first batch of lovely birds here.

In May 2017 we met Jasper the African Grey, who was in fact female. Jasper loves brussel sprouts, wood and swinging.

Then in June 2017 we met another fabulous African Grey, Siquo. As Greys can be very hard to sex, it was only shortly after her 17th birthday that it was discovered Siquo was a she, as she laid an egg. Siquo also loved swinging, as well as her paper rolls.

In July 2017 we met the delightful Jesspy. Jesspy loved mashed potato, whistling and toys that keep her active.


was the next Parrot we met in August 2017, also a Blue-fronted Amazon. Oscar’s favourite game was peekaboo.

September 2017 saw us meet two wonderful Parrots, Maya the African Grey and Mishu the Senegal. They loved going outside in their native Romania in their backpacks.

In October 2017 we said hello to Tashi the Green-cheeked Conure, who liked activity toys such as the shape stacker and puzzle board.

To find out how you can be featured in our Meet My Parrot series please click here

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