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Published on Wednesday, 17th May 2017
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All of the Parrot Cafe treats have been made with natural ingredients and are always freshly baked when you order, so you get the highest quality treat.

Not only that, they contain important vitamins and minerals that maintain good overall health in your Parrot. They don’t feature any additives or preservatives either.

The bright colourful, sweet scent and interesting shapes of the treats mean they’ll capture your Parrot’s imagination straight away.

The treats come in either a two or six pack, so plenty to delight your Parrot with. Parrot Cafe treats are small enough for your Parrot to hold in their feet or beak, and to hide in foraging toys to keep your bird mentally stimulated and replicate their natural wild behaviour.

Alternatively they can be hung in your bird’s cage or on their play stand, so they can tuck into their yummy treats whenever they like.

Parrot Cafe Treats

Birdie Bread
is high in Vitamin C which helps keep your Parrot’s immune system healthy. Their special finger shape makes them easy for your bird to hold.

Lollipop treat sticks are more unusual shaped treats from Parrot Cafe for your bird to try. The delicious Palm Oil and Elderberry Lollipop is held together on a delicious liquorice stick. These scrumptious ingredients have a host of health benefits for Parrots including reducing inflammation, supporting your bird’s immune system and helping with growth and development. 

Your Parrot can be tucking into their very own pizza slice too. The Palm Oil Pizza Slices are made from herbs and spices and tomato and carrots blended together, creating a pizza that’s healthy.

The Parrot Cafe donuts are filled with either pomegranate or pumpkin and and have a multitude of health benefits. These include antioxidants that help protect your bird from cell damage, Vitamin K that ensures your Parrot’s bones stay healthy and strong and Vitamin C which takes care of your bird’s immune system.  Plus, they’re low in fat and cholesterol.

Some of Parrot Cafe’s treats are in a fun heart shape. There is Elderberry and Honey  flavour which has a mixture of vitamins inside to keep your bird in tip top condition.

Coconut helps the digestive system too, and this can be found in the Coconut Macaroons. It also gives your bird an energy boost and helps their heart. 

The Tropical Dream brings the tropics to your bird. Sweet tasting ingredients in the Tropical Dream include pineapple, mango and mulberries.

Raisin and Palm Oil Cookies are sweet tasting too, as well as being healthy and wholesome.

Parrot Café Hibiscus Hearts are full of sweet tasting hibiscus, that has antioxidants that support your bird’s immune system. 

Buy some of the most popular treats together in a Treat Pack. 

Finally, the Veggie Snacks are full of healthy vegetables like carrot and tomato to keep
your bird looking and feeling healthy.

Parrot Cafe: Delicious, natural Parrot treats. 

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