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Pretty Bird

High quality range of seed mixes and pelleted diets for multiple bird households as well as species specific diets.

Pretty Bird Foods offer one of the most diverse food ranges for Parrots you can buy with many species specific diets available, alongside their Jungle Munchies range and Premium seed diets.

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A full and complete range of specialised feeds for all birds from Budgies to large Macaws, whether you prefer to feed a seed or pelleted diet Pretty Bird has the right food for your pet bird.

Their Jungle Munchies seed mixtures are formulated to give birds every advantage possible. A carefully chosen selection of seeds, nuts, fruits and vegetables, plus complete pellets mixed in for added insurance.

Pretty Bird offer five species specific complete diets...African Special; for African Greys, Senegals and most Conures, Hi-Pro; for Cockatoos and Amazons, Hi-Energy; for Macaws and Golden Conures, Eclectus Special and Softbill.

In a multi-bird household feeding a species specific diet can prove costly. Pretty Bird realise this and produce Daily Select, available in three nugget sizes.

Pretty Bird Natural Gold is a genuine breakthrough in avian nutrition. A complete diet for medium to large Parrots, wild berry flavoured with micro-nutrient for overall good health.

Pretty Bird Birdy Banquet is a blend of fruit, vegetables, pasta, beans and more plus vitamins and minerals. Naturally balanced and easy to prepare, just add water and heat; a great addition to any diet.

Northern Parrots are the sole UK importer of Pretty Bird ensuring a consistent supply.

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