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Our Selection of Brands

If your Parrot will only eat Kaytee food or gets bored with anything other than Creative Foraging toys, you've come to the right place!
Just click on a Brand below to see every product in that range.

  • ABK Publications (8)

    Australian Bird Keeper or ABK Publications is the world’s premier publisher of books on pet and aviary birds. Their comprehensive range of books includes titles covering breeding, taming, training and solving behavioural problems. The ABK range also includes general species books and ones dealing with subject such as incubations and hand raising, plus basic health and common diseases.

    The `A Guide to...` titles provide concise details on management care and breeding of various bird gr...

  • Acrobird (1)

    Acrobird have been producing bird safe play gyms since the early 1990’s. The AcroBird motto may be `for the love of bird` yet their work takes in to account you the bird owner. Each product is developed to be safe for your bird, to keep them in great shape and meets the demands of the bird owner.

    Your bird wants a spacious area to exercise on with food and water cups, secure and comfortable perches, an area to climb and an area to rest on. Whilst you want a product that meets the physical...

  • Arcadia (9)

    The Arcadia brand is still one of the leaders in innovative pet care lighting solutions and has been since the 1960’s. Their unparalleled reputation for design, performance and quality can be highlighted by the fact products are sold in countries worldwide.

    Although mainly known for producing high performance fluorescent and metal halide lighting systems for aquariums and ponds, Arcadia have been putting the same level of expertise, knowledge and understanding in to producing specialist l...

  • Aussie Bird Toys (32)

    Over 25 years of experience in the pet bird industry goes in to the skilful making of each and every Aussie Bird Toy. Only carefully chosen bird safe materials (sourced from all over the world) are used to create the many handmade fun toys in this range.

    Many Aussie Bird toys incorporate parts your Parrot can move or remove which provides the opportunities to utilise these toys for foraging too.

    Northern Parrots is the sole UK importer of Aussie Bird Toys, safe and good fun for all...

  • Aviator (7)

    The Aviator Harnesses for pet birds and Parrots was developed by Steve Hartman founder of The Parrot University established in 1984 at the Hartman Aviary. The Parrot University evolved out of the need to develop new husbandry practices and educate others in the industry. Hartman Aviary opened its own lab facility to The Ohio State University Veterinary School to provide an accredited course for students interested in avian medicine and research.

    With over thirty trips to Central America, ...

  • Beaphar Bogena (19)

    The Beaphar company was founded by Bernard Aa (Phar) during the second world war. His background as a miller, plus a passion for pets soon saw him develop homeopathic products for dogs and cats.

    Continued growth during the 1960’s and 1970’s saw Beaphar develop their first veterinary product. Further development and production followed. They also acquired a range of other companies, each specialising in various areas of pet health care.

    In 1979 Beaphar opened their very first labora...

  • Bird Haven (6)

    Bird Havens are colourful, practical products providing a comfortable and safe place for your bird to hideaway. Tents are great for providing your bird a place to retreat, either to rest or feel more secure. Birds and Parrots would naturally be able to retreat to the cover of foliage when needed in the wild. Bird Havens help you to provide somewhere your bird can go when they feel they need to get out of view.

    Tents come with loops to you can attach them to your birds cage and a removab...

  • Bird Kabobs (22)

    Bird Kabobs are made from an all natural renewable product and are simply great fun for beaks of all sizes. For birds and Parrots who are in to chewing and shredding things up a Bird Kabob is totally ideal.

    For bigger chewers opt for a version with the tougher outer bark as it makes it more difficult to access the softer wood inside. Some toys are completely natural, whilst other have been coloured for added interest.

    Northern Parrots is the sole UK importer of Bird Kabob products...

  • Birdcare Company (29)

    The Birdcare Company is the UK’s leader in pet bird supplements, The company makes supplements designed to keep your birds healthy (whether a pet bird or breeding stock), products to help your bird recover when it is sick and tonics to improve their performance during breeding.

    It is not unusual for breeders to double their production when incorporating The Birdcare Company system into their birds’ diet. Many of their products are used and recommended by many of the UK’s leading avian vet...

  • Birdie Bangles (4)

    Produced by a family run firm using clean and unused cardboard Birdie Bangles and Parrot Pipes are a favourite amongst Parrots and their owners.

    Specially produced these hard cardboard rings and tubes are made with non-toxic glue, and are finished in a variety of fun colours for added interest.

    Extremely versatile, Birdie Bangles and Parrot Pipes can be attached to cages, existing toys, handed over as a foot toy or used as toy making parts, the possibilities for providing safe and ...

  • Brainy Bird (7)

    Brainy Bird Toys has been in business since 2006. Each toy is designed to keep birds busy and stimulate their minds. The owners of Brainy Bird toys have extensive experience with birds of all sizes. They know what birds like and most importantly what products are safest. To make their toys for your bird they use only the finest quality bird-safe products.

    Toys are an important part of a Parrot's life and play an essential part in keeping them busy and working for their fun. Parrots that a...

  • Bucktons (6)

    Bucktons can be traced back over 200 years; the company was founded as general merchants under the name George Buckton and Sons Co. Ltd and operated from Hull.

    They successfully traded until after the First World War, when the company was bought by the Hutchinson family. During the 1960’s the Hutchinson family made the decision to concentrate on producing products for pigeon and pet bird keepers. It has really been since then that the Bucktons brand has really taken shape.

    As true ...

  • Classic (6)

    Based in West Yorkshire, Classic Pet Products have been successfully providing a large range of pet products since 1975. Classic have built their reputation on quality and price, offering real value for money items, which offer practical solutions to you and your pet.

    Classic produce a range of stainless steel feeding bowls which are great for attaching to most bird or Parrot cages and aviaries if you require extra feeders. Their feeding bowls come in a choice of sizes and sit on to eithe...

  • Companion Parrot (2)

    A wealth of information from avian experts including Sally Blanchard. A pioneer in companion parrot behaviour Sally has worked with birds for over 45 years. Her fascination with birds moved beyond just watching them and checking them of her `seen` list, she wanted to learn what they did and why?

    Her knowledge and passionate interest in ornithology gave her a unique perspective in regards to the understanding of Parrots and avicultural theory. In 1988 Sally started to write articles for a ...

  • Cozzzybird (7)

    Cozzzybird cage covers provide a darkened and secure environment for promoting good sleep patterns for your pet bird or Parrot. Most Parrots and tropical birds kept as pets originate from the equatorial regions. Here night time darkness averages 10 to 12 hours per night all year round.

    Covering your bird`s cage with a Cozzzybird cage cover replicates the natural environment needed to allow your bird a restful sleep, which it needs to stay healthy both physically and mentally.

    Made ...

  • Creative Foraging (22)

    Creative Foraging Solutions toys for pet birds and Parrots are designed to provide a much needed outlet for mental stimulation, as well as providing a physical workout.

    For many years it has been well known that Parrots love to chew and destroy materials - wood, card, paper and rope being amongst the most popular. It has only been more recently that those working in aviculture have come to understand the great need to provide enrichment on a number of levels, including foraging.


  • F10 (4)

    The F10 Biocare disinfectant range is used in many of the world’s leading veterinary hospitals, by breeders and bird keepers, and is widely recognised as being the most effective means to keep you and your birds safe from disease.

    F10 products have passed all Standard International Tests and are therefore proven completely safe. Given an EU zero hazard rating, F10 can be used in the presence of animals and birds. The F10 range can be used as a basic cleaner or disinfectant. Being non-corr...

  • Fruit Cups (13)

    The ZooFaria brand was conceived and developed by the Huybers family who own and run one of the largest pet stores in the Netherlands. A passion for pet birds has led the Huybers to search for the best products available. For many years now they have been importing Java wood from Indonesia.

    Java wood has been used to create many fine and sought after accessories; it is strong and versatile and is now used to create the feeding stations for the Fruit Cup Parrot Jellies.

    ZooFaria int...

  • Good Bird (12)

    Good Bird Inc. was started by Barbara Heidenreich to address the growing interest in positive reinforcement training with Parrots. Fostering the human-animal bond with positive reinforcement is the company’s tag line and it really expresses their goal.

    Their mission is to give you the tools and information to enable you to; be kinder and gentler with your Parrot; build a relationship based on trust; solve behaviour problems using the least intrusive methods; and experience the amazing rel...

  • Hagen (32)

    Since its foundation in 1955 by Rolf C. Hagen, the company still dedicates a lot of resources into creating practical and innovative products that enhance the health and welfare of pets. Sharing a common bond of love and compassion for animals, Hagen`s philosophy is based on the fact that pets are not only the heart of their business, but are the reason they are in business.

    Products such as Living World Premium, Tropimix and Tropican have for over 20 years provided pet birds with gourmet...

  • Happy Perch (3)

    As with the start of many products on the pet bird market a moment of inspiration based around the needs of a pet was the reason Happy Perch was created. After watching and putting up with their own pet bird perching on top of the shower, on lamp shades near the windows and the soap dispenser near the bathroom mirror, the family knew there must be a better and safer way for their bird to enjoy their favourite places.

    Happy Perch products where launched early in 2006 with the fun flexible ...

  • Harrisons (11)

    Harrison’s bird foods was formulated in the mid 1980`s by Dr. Greg Harrison using organic ingredients. This USDA certified organic range of complete foods provides proper nutrition for your pet bird and requires little or no supplementation.

    Dr. Greg Harrison grew up in a small farming community in Iowa, and went on to earn his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree. After working in South Florida he eventually made the move and opened his own practise in Lake Worth. Following his work as a...

  • Harrisons Wellness (8)

    The Harrisons Wellness Range of products is produced by the same company that makes the USDA certified organic Harrisons diets. This range of Eco and Bio-Friendly wellness products was developed as a result of the increasing awareness of pet owners on the types and quality of ingredients used in products for themselves and their pets.

    Made using natural, non-toxic products, the Harrisons Wellness Range is created and tested by veterinarians, and is designed to boost your pet bird or Parro...

  • Heaven Fresh (12)

    The Heaven Fresh brand and range of products which includes the NaturoPure Air Purifiers was first created in 2003 by two entrepreneurs looking to improve air quality in the spaces we live in.

    These cutting edge products use proven technologies to create the cleanest air possible for both you and your family (especially those feathered ones!).

    With Negative Ions, HEPA Filters, Active Carbon Filters, Titanium Oxide Filters and UV Lamps the Heaven Fresh range provides up to a 7 stag...

  • Java (21)

    These unique Java wood stands, perches and toys are specially chosen for pet birds and Parrots. Harvested in an eco-friendly manner from Indonesia this selection of coffee trees, perches and natural toys provide both a safe and natural place for your pet bird or Parrot to perch and play.

    The Java Trees and perches are made in a range of sizes for birds off all types. Each one takes around one month to produce. The bark is removed and the tree branches are sanded before being baked for one...

  • Johnsons (7)

    The Johnson’s brands started life as a manufacturer of poultry products in 1921 under the title `Johnson Brothers`. At this time an increasing poultry breeding market, prove to be the beginning of a success for this innovative company.

    The next 30 years saw the continued expansion of the Johnsons range which now catered for popular cage birds and the ever growing market in dog and cat pet care. With business growing a new purpose built centre was needed and a new home was set up in the We...

  • Johnston and Jeff (54)

    Present MD Richard Johnston is the great-grandson of George Gilchrist Johnston who started the business in 1880 with business partner Richard Hunter Jeff. From the very beginning the company’s ethos was do it right.

    Quality control is of the utmost importance; it was then and is now. With advancing technologies, the same principles and high regards for standards are expected and adhered to at every level from sourcing ingredients to creating the right blend.

    Johnston & Jeff is a fa...

  • Kaytee Exact (11)

    Kaytee Exact has been the recognised nutritional leader by avian veterinarians and breeders since its introduction in 1989.

    Exact Rainbow was developed by the nutritional experts at the Kaytee Avian Research Centre, established to enhance people's knowledge and enjoyment of birds through education, conservation and research.

    Kaytee Exact Rainbow is the most researched and widely used extruded food available. Scientifically formulated, Kaytee Exact provides complete and balanced dai...

  • Kings Cages (19)

    King`s Cages is family owned and has been in operation since 1975. Richard King and his son, Andrew, have been bringing you the safest, most durable avian products possible for over 30 years. Many years ago Richard King found there were no safe large bird cages available for his own birds following his work running quarantine stations, where health & safety have always been his first priority.

    So he started to manufacture his own. The rest is history! Andrew King grew up taking care of th...

  • Lafeber NutriBerries (13)

    Lafeber NutriBerries are a unique and complete food for Parrots, containing only nutritious, natural ingredients rolled into berry shaped pieces - perfect for your Parrot to hold and enjoy!

    Each berry contains the 40 essential nutrients recommended by Dr. T.J. Lafeber, top avian veterinarians, nutritionists and behaviourist. They believe that nutrition should be exciting and taste great while strongly supporting your bird’s health. Lafeber NutriBerries with Omega 3 & 6 provide exactly th...

  • Liberta Cages (22)

    Liberta UK founded by its Managing Director Paul Lawrence has quickly established itself as one of the leading suppliers of pet bird and Parrot cages in the UK and works endlessly to offer great cages at great prices.

    Liberta prides itself on supplying a wide range of well built habitats, from the giant Endeavor with its removable central partition, and suited to the largest of species, down to the Drake; an ideal small cage for a Parakeet or similar sized birds.

    The cages are all ...

  • Maggies Toys (17)

    Maggie and Friends Toys have been developed by Liberta Cages and Mike Simmons, the Award Winning bird trainer from A World of Wings.

    Each toy incorporates natural materials, essential minerals and vibrant colours, creating safe and rewarding toys for your bird.

    The natural materials used including coconut husk, abaca rope, corn cob and bamboo can be found in the bird`s native environment and are non toxic, easily digested and biodegradable, unlike the many manmade products found in...

  • Montana Cages (9)

    On their return to Germany (the home of Montana Cages), following several years in the United States working at a local Parrot breeding station which looked after several hundred Parrots, the founders recognised a lack of Parrot specific products in Europe.

    Initially they started importing cages from the USA which had given them a comprehensive insight in the developments in Parrot care. Following continued growth in 1998 development took place and a range of Parrot homes and aviaries wer...

  • Natures Instinct (12)

    Nature’s Instinct toys have been keeping Parrots entertained for years, and continue to prove popular amongst birds and owners alike. Made from durable materials, which are easy to clean, they offer a range of puzzles for your bird to solve; their reward for doing so is the treat(s) you put inside.

    Parrots have a natural and strong instinct to forage, an activity of searching for and gaining access to food. Providing food in a bowl makes your Parrots life easy, yet you’ll be surprised at ...

  • Northern Parrots (153)

    A range of products chosen personally by Northern Parrots to keep your bird or Parrot entertained. The Northern Parrots brand includes a wide range of popular wood and rope toys, plastic and acrylic toys, Foot toys, toys offering foraging opportunities, sanded perches, spiral perches, hoops, swings, ladders and play stands.

    Find products for all sizes and species of pet birds and Parrots....

  • Paradise Toys (56)

    The Paradise toy range is home to a wide range of products, besides all their fantastic toys you can find perches, feeders and training tools. The company was founded in 1992 and has been leading the way in pet product innovation by offering pet owners a wide range of high quality, affordable products. It is also home to the Creative Foraging Systems toys which have really moved forward the concept of toys and foraging for our pet birds.

    Wood and rope toys remain as popular as ever and Pa...

  • Parrot Deli (4)

    Parrot Deli products have been sourced and developed following over 20 years of experience in the dietary needs of birds. The company behind Parrot Deli products set up Birdworld in 1967. Although Birdworld is now not part of the business, it is still the largest bird park in the UK.

    Their time as owners of Birdworld, included travelling the world, helping to design and landscape new parks, as well as lecturing as avian consultants on many aspects of avian husbandry. All their experience ...

  • Parrot Pinatas (21)

    Many years ago the owner of family run Parrot Pinatas, who is also a bird keeper, brought home a pinata for a party. Unfortunately the pinata never made it to the party as it was fully enjoyed by her feathered companions who took an instant liking to it and happily played and tore it in to pieces.

    Fortunately for your pet bird or Parrots it meant the beginning of Parrot Pinatas, which is still going strong since its creation in 2000. Now a great range of different pinata designs for all s...

  • Planet Pleasures (34)

    The Planet Pleasures range of toys for pet birds and Parrots is fairly unique. All their products are made using a range of renewable natural products which are earth friendly and biodegradable. Natural materials including palm leaf, coconut shell, oyster shell, bamboo, corn cobs and sisal provide your bird with an array of taste and textures.

    Toys for pet birds and Parrots play an essential part in ensuring your bird stays fit, healthy and free from boredom, which can lead to unwanted be...

  • Pollys (12)

    Polly’s Pet Products is a family owned business situated in the U.S.A. To ensure quality is always at its highest, each Pollys product is made in the United States of America. A lifelong love of pet birds was the original driving factor behind the development of their first perch, designed to wear down a bird`s nails as it would occur in the wild.

    With the assistance and advice of Dr. Bran Ritchie, a veterinarian and Professor of Psittacine Research at the University of Georgia, the Poll...

  • Poop Off (6)

    The company behind Poop –Off began life in the 1980’s as a distributor of general pet products across California. With a keen interest in making sure they stocked and supplied the products the end consumer really wanted they would regularly call at pet stores and see which products sold well; with a special interest in stain and odour removing products.

    Routinely many stain and odour products didn’t live up to the hype, so it was decided to put these products through a real test, to reall...

  • Pretty Bird (20)

    A full and complete range of specialised feeds for all birds from Budgies to large Macaws, whether you prefer to feed a seed or pelleted diet Pretty Bird has the right food for your pet bird.

    Their Jungle Munchies seed mixtures are formulated to give birds every advantage possible. A carefully chosen selection of seeds, nuts, fruits and vegetables, plus complete pellets mixed in for added insurance.

    Pretty Bird offer five species specific complete diets...African Special; for Afric...

  • Prevue Hendryx (14)

    Prevue Hendryx have been successfully creating and manufacturing innovative pet accessories, cages and toys for over 150 years. In this time care and pride has been taken to produce the highest quality products with great craftsmanship based on knowledge and experience.

    Prevue Hendryx show no signs of stopping and look to continue as one of the industries leaders in innovation, quality and safety. Choosing only top grade materials and ensuring everything they construct is pet safe allows ...

  • Rainforest Cages (16)

    Designed by a dedicated specialist team of bird keepers and breeders, the Rainforest Cage range has been manufactured since 2009 with unique designs built to include all those little details that really count when choosing a housing solution for your pet bird.

    All cages are finished with a non-toxic `Àvi-coat` powder coating finish which is lead & zinc free. The cages are designed to be easily assembled, and the cage bars include both horizontal and vertical bars to support climbing for y...

  • Savic (9)

    The Savic business originally started out in life as a manufacturer of tools for use in jewellery making in the 1950’s. Since then they have evolved to become a market leader in the design and manufacture of plastic pet accessories.

    In 1999 the take-over of another company allowed Savic to be one of the most important manufacturers of cages and accessories for all types of pets. Their products are sold in countries worldwide and are known for their quality, choice, style and innovation.

  • Super Pet (29)

    2011 saw Super Pet celebrate its 40th Anniversary – it has come a long way since it was founded in 1971. Initially set up as an importer of pet products from the European and Asian markets. Now after many years of catering for all types of pets, Super Pet is known worldwide for their innovations and dedication to creating products that enhance the lives of pets and their owners.

    Owned by the same company that makes Kaytee Exact Rainbow, toys from the Super Pet range are bright, interestin...

  • Superbird (52)

    Superbird Creations is recognised by bird enthusiasts and avian experts as one of the leading makers of safe toys for companion birds and Parrots. They design and create a wide range of innovative products including toys for chewing and shredding, foraging toys, toys for preening and many more.

    Their original designs aim to address the instinctual and behavioural needs of your companion. Diverse selections of stimulating materials are used in the toys to ensure the mental and physical wel...

  • Tidymix (11)

    Promoting your bird`s health and enjoyment through a nutritionally superior, fresher tasting diet compared to your average seed mix. The use of human grade ingredients is of the utmost importance for the makers of Tidymix diets. It means your bird benefits from the freshest natural foods available, which naturally have a higher nutritional content and taste better.

    All Tidymix diets have ingredients sourced from the main importers to the health food trade, and many ingredients are hulled ...

  • Totally Organics (2)

    Made using certified organic ingredients, Totally Organic Pellets (TOPS) offer high quality organic bird food for your pet bird or Parrot. Totally Organics started in 2003 in a quest to create organic, healthy and wholesome organic pellets for Parrots, processed as little as possible.

    Only the highest organic quality ingredients, chosen from a select number of companies that grow the best organic foods you can find make it in to a packet of TOPS. The company receives constant feedback on ...

  • Versele Laga (27)

    For over 40 years Versele Laga has produced a wide range of foods and treats for pet birds. A team of vets and nutritionists work together and conduct research with universities and leading breeders from around the world in order to developing their extensive range of products.

    Versele Laga have for a long time worked closely with Loro Parque, a large zoological park sited on Tenerife. Numerous species of Parrots are closely monitored here. Their mission is firstly to protect threatened s...

  • Vetark (8)

    Vetark are the among the UK’s leading specialists in exotic pet nutrition, their vitamin and mineral supplements such as Nutrobal, Avimix and ACE-High have led the way in pet birds for over 20 years.

    Avipro Plus is a widely used Probiotic and safe to use across for many different species, including birds and Parrots.

    Vetark have a very strong veterinary connection, their products are all well researched and the claims made can be verified. They have a superb range of cleanser disin...

  • Vitakraft (21)

    Founded over 175 years ago by Heinrich Wührmann in the village of Heiligenrode near Bremen, Germany, Vitakraft has grown from generation to generation building each and every time on their motto `feed with love`.

    In 1929 Heino Wührmann, father of the current managing director laid the foundations for a modern form of pet food production which ensured their high standards of quality were achieved whilst fulfilling the ever growing demand for their products.

    In 1947 following the sec...

  • Vitapol (29)

    After first being introduced in 1992 following years of preparation the first Vitapol products rolled off the production line in Poland. Made using the highest quality natural ingredients, Vitapol products offer your pet a treat that is fresh tasting with a lovely aroma.

    Vitapol`s missions is to provide owners with products that are good, wholesome and healthy for their pet. When you open a Vitapol product it is easy to see and smell that this is true. Whether you are looking to treat you...

  • Xtra Vital (5)

    The Xtra Vital brand belongs to the Beaphar company, which was founded during the second world war by Bernard Aa (Phar). Business grew considerably during the 1960’s and 1970’s and continued expansion saw the company move in to a number of different areas of pet health care, including one in bird feed; the birth of the brand now known as Xtra Vital.

    The Xtra Vital range of super premium foods is available for different sizes of pet birds and Parrots, from Finches to Cockatoos. Each blend ...

  • Zoo Max (68)

    Establish in 1989 Zoo Max first started as an importer of bird food. For the past 20 years they have also manufactured their own bird food in Canada. In 1994 Zoo Max started to manufacture their own line of toys under the label Fun Max.

    From time to time Zoo Max has supported specialised centres and schools for children with mental health issues, by providing work placements where the children can develop new skills.

    All Zoo Max toys are designed and manufactured in Canada, they cu...

  • ZooMed (3)

    ZooMed is more famously known for its work over the last 30 years in developing products for the reptile market. One of their greatest accomplishments is the invention of UVB lighting for reptiles, which became the standard model the world over for zoos, veterinarians and hobbyist.

    Since then their range has developed on a broader scale and now includes products for amphibians, fish, pet bird and Parrots. As an extension to their ground breaking UVB reptile light came Avian Sun a unique p...

  • ZuPreem (8)

    ZuPreem have been one of the leading driving forces in animal nutrition for over 40 years. The company is owned and run by the Morris family, through three generations. A commitment to bettering the lives of animals through proper nutrition is now, as ever, behind the success of ZuPreem.

    The ZuPreem brand was born through the need for better nutrition for zoo animals, including birds and Parrots. ZuPreem’s diets are nutritionally complete and come in FruitBlend, Natural, VeggieBlend and N...

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