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Northern Parrots Blog: July 2012

Welcome to our Blog page. Here you'll find lots of useful information about Everything for your Parrot. There's expert blogs & articles from Rosemary Low, the late Liz Wilson, Mike Simmons, Dorothy Schwarz and Barbara Heidenreich to name a few.

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Keeping Parrots and Other Pets

Tuesday, 31st July 2012Written By Liz

Are you looking to add to your pet family? If so read this article by Liz Wilson to understand how this may potentially affect your Parrot.

Whether you're looking to get a dog, cat or perhaps a reptile (which are becoming increasing popular as pets) each brings their own obstacles and hazards.


Toilet Training Your Parrot

Friday, 27th July 2012Written By Liz

Toilet training your Parrot couldn't be easier...follow the steps as outlined by Liz Wilson and you too can have a bird that uses a dedicated toilet area.

Liz also outlines possible problems associated with the comedy moment when a Parrot poops on cue.


Umbrella Cockatoo Fact Sheet

Tuesday, 24th July 2012Written By Rosemary

Umbrella Cockatoos have long been a popular choice as a pet Parrot. But do they really makes such great pets?

Rosemary Low provides some background information on Umbrella Cockatoos and what it entails to care for these charismatic Parrots.


Clicker & Target Training

Monday, 23rd July 2012Written By Liz

Liz Wilson provides a quick step by step guide on how to easily implement and successfully use clicker and target training with your pet Parrot (or other pets!).

Learn how to use this useful tool to steady and correct unwanted behaviours.


Which Species Should I Choose?

Tuesday, 10th July 2012Written By Rosemary

Not sure which species of Parrot is right for you? Rosemary Low helps to explain why starting off small can lead to a happy and long life with companion Parrots.

Useful and insightful information for anyone looking at getting a Parrot as a pet.


Rainbow Lorikeet Fact Sheet

Thursday, 5th July 2012Written By Rosemary

Learn more about these beautifully vibrant birds, Rosemary Low provides some general information on Rainbow Lorikeets and their care.

Topics covered include suitability as a pet, breeding and plumage care.


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