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Welcome to the Northern Parrots Blog, aiming to provide you with the latest information about us, our products and Parrots in general.

Harness Training – Pros and Cons

Thursday, 24th April 2014Written By Dot Schwarz

The use of a harness on pet Parrots to take them out of doors is still unusual. Is the training difficult? That’s a question like how long is a piece of string? Any bird from Cockatiels to Macaws can be harness trained...


Blue-headed Pionus Fact Sheet

Wednesday, 23rd April 2014Written By Rosemary Low

Rosemary Low takes a look at the Blue-headed Pionus with its delightful temperament why has become more difficult to find?

Read to find out more plus details on their care.


Tips to Get Started Training Your Parrot by Barbara Heidenreich

Tuesday, 15th April 2014Written By Barbara Heidenreich

Are you looking forward to training your Parrot? It can be a lot of fun for you and your bird as long as you are prepared.

Before you have your first training session here are a few tips to help make sure you have a great session.


5 Tips to Address Parrot Behaviour Problems by Barbara Heidenreich

Tuesday, 1st April 2014Written By Barbara Heidenreich

This article was written by Barbara Heidenreich of Good Bird Inc and Barbara's Force Free Animal Training.

Barbara offers some advice on how to address behaviour problems in Parrots.


How I Became a Parrot Lady

Tuesday, 25th March 2014Written By Dot Schwarz

I’m often asked. ‘How did you get so involved with Parrots?’

The questioner is puzzled both by the size of the aviary and the sight of most rooms in our bungalow festooned with Parrot paraphernalia.

The answer’s bittersweet.

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Omega Fatty Acids: Getting the Balance Right

Tuesday, 11th March 2014Written By Northern Parrots

Lafeber Company discuss the importance of Omega 3 & 6 Fatty Acids which are a vital part of a healthy diet for birds, animal and people.

Find out what exactly they do and how they are used by the body.


What is Creative Foraging?

Tuesday, 18th February 2014Written By Northern Parrots

Creative foraging is providing the opportunity to search for and acquire food. A pet bird's cage is its environment and territory. A bird benefits from observation when you introduce "something new" into its environment and being naturally inquisitive they are inclined to explore this to discover that it contains food. The hunt is on and so is the beginning of learning to forage.


New Parrot Boarding Facilities at Avian Veterinary Services

Tuesday, 11th February 2014Written By Northern Parrots

Top notch Parrot Boarding facilities now available for all birds with Avian Veterinary Services (AVS).

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Jo's Busy Beak Gets Her Into Trouble!!

Monday, 3rd February 2014Written By Northern Parrots

This blog has been provided courtesy of Avian Veterinary Services (AVS) and is about Jo, a two year old female Galah who has previously boarded at the clinic on a number of occasions, and like virtually most Cockatoos is an extremely 'busy' bird, positively bursting with character!


About C.J. Hall Veterinary Practices

Monday, 27th January 2014Written By Northern Parrots

When you need expert care and advice for your feathered friend in the London area, find out why C.J. Hall Veterinary Practise is the place to go.


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