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How you can support Blue-Throated Macaws in Bolivia.

Tuesday, 16th December 2014Written By Northern Parrots

The Bird Endowment Charity are doing some fantastic work in Bolivia to increase the population of Blue-Throated Macaws. Read on to find out more.


Christmas Toys for your Parrot

Monday, 15th December 2014Written By Northern Parrots

With not long to go now until Christmas, here are some last minute gift ideas for your Parrot.


Nanday Conure Fact Sheet

Friday, 12th December 2014Written By Rosemary Low

Rosemary Low takes a close look at the suitability of the Nanday Conure as a pet Parrot, and how best to care for these gregarious birds who vocalisations have caused a problem for many owners.


Some Thoughts on Conservation and Why It Matters

Tuesday, 9th December 2014Written By Dot Schwarz

Dorothy Schwarz has some thoughts on conservation that she would like to share with you in her new blog.


Get involved with World Wildlife Conservation Day 2014

Wednesday, 3rd December 2014Written By Northern Parrots

Thursday 4th December is World Wildlife Conservation Day, so read this blog to learn about conservation projects involving Parrots in the wild.


5 Foods Your Parrot Should Avoid Eating This Christmas

Tuesday, 2nd December 2014Written By Northern Parrots

Christmas is on the way, which means lot of food, drink and general merriment, and your Parrot is sure to be joining in with the festivities too, you just need to ensure they're safe and avoid these five foods.

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Tips to Make Veterinary Visits Stress Free

Tuesday, 25th November 2014Written By Barbara Heidenreich

Many of our pets don’t like going to the veterinary hospital. And it is difficult for us to see our companion animals upset. The good news is that training can really make a difference.

When it comes to companion Parrots there are very few behaviours they need to know that can really make a difference in veterinary care. Read this blog by Barbara Heidenreich to learn more.


Princess of Wales Fact Sheet

Tuesday, 18th November 2014Written By Rosemary Low

Rosemary Low take a look at the Princess of Wales Parrot. This charming looking bird has won over many a bird keeper with its friendly and attractive personality. Although it is relatively easy to keep, they do require a lot of space.


Fracture Repair in Parrots

Tuesday, 11th November 2014Written By Northern Parrots

Richard Jones of Avian Veterinary Services has kindly written an article on Fracture Repair in Parrots. Have a read to find out how it happens, plus how you can contact the AVS team.

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Tips for Training Difficult Behaviours...Like Nail Trimming

Friday, 7th November 2014Written By Barbara Heidenreich

“Go Slow to Get There Fast” is a phrase you will hear me say over and over at my Parrot training workshops. It’s quirky, ironic, a little ambiguous...and it works to help caregivers achieve amazing behaviours.


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