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Northern Parrots on Instagram, YouTube and Google Plus

Published on Thursday, 7th May 2015
Filed under Media & News
Exciting times are a happening here at Northern Parrots as you can now get involved with us in even more ways. We now have a YouTube Channel, Instagram page and Google+ account, in addition to our current, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest pages which many of you are already loving, sharing, commenting and liking. 

Every day we’ll be posting updates about our latest products, running special offers, posting news stories about Parrots and generally keeping you informed about what is happening in the world of Parrots.

Get involved with your fellow Parrot lovers and post your comments and links about the stories of the day.

We’ll continue to post on all our sites, so you can keep track of us whichever site you use.

Our YouTube channel is bursting with funny videos about Parrots. Watch as our birds, talk, dance, play and generally have fun with their toys. Plus, there are videos from our brands and manufacturers, so you can experience exactly what a product might look like before you buy it.

On our Instagram page we’re posting pictures of our popular Parrot species, our Parrot food, toys and accessories so you can find the perfect present for your bird.

We can’t forget about our Google+ page, which has interesting news stories, products and everything you could possibly want to know about our Parrots.

Post your comments on our Facebook page on our offers, new products, blogs and if a Parrot goes missing in the UK we’ll let you know so you can keep a look out for the bird if you’re in the area.

Learn all the up to date Parrot news in 140 characters or less on our Twitter page. Keep up to date about our latest products, news offers, and Parrot news from elsewhere, in a bitesize format.

On our Pinterest page you’ll find lots of pictures to get you inspired about Parrots, whether you’re already a proud Parrot owner or are hoping to become one in the future. There are dozens of beautiful images of Parrots, our products, interesting facts about our feathered friends and so much more.

Join the Northern Parrots community and get involved today.

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