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Northern Parrots and Sustainability

Published on Tuesday, 9th October 2018
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It’s always great to see and hear when companies are making changes to benefit the environment, which ultimately has a positive impact on the natural habitats our feathered friends originate from and their wild cousins live.

We are very proud to have completed work on our new office building. It’s looking lovely, but how it looks hasn’t been all it’s about.

One of our new initiatives for our new premises is sustainability, and keeping an office like ours as environmentally friendly as possible. We believe no matter the size of a business there are ways to help, however small.

For any office the holy grail of being completely paperless would be an amazing goal. Our new computer system is designed to help reduce the need for paper, so staff now only print when necessary.

Increasing the number of recycling points allows us to ensure waste that can be recycled is kept separate. The local company we use to collect our waste recycles 90%.

Our waste electricals and electronics go to a charity that recycles them or refurbishes them, and then gives them to businesses, education facilities and local authorities.

When possible our warehouse and office lighting is upgraded to LED, for greater energy efficiency. We also use PIR where possible so the lights go on and off automatically. PIR works by detecting the movement of people, so will only switch on when they sense them going past.

Our upgraded air conditioning uses DC inverter heat pump technology and is now much more energy efficient. This works by continuing regulating the temperature, so it is never too hot or too cold.

Throughout our offices we have a range of living plants, each helping remove carbon dioxide from the air and refresh it with oxygen.

We know how much you and your Parrots enjoy receiving our catalogues, and realise a lot of paper is used each and every time we print them.  This is why we’ve used a printing company that have been committed to tackling environmental issues since 2006.

This means they use recycled paper where practical, or paper from Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) sources. The FSC promotes responsible management of the world’s forests. This means they will mitigate negative environmental impacts,

They are continuously looking for ways to reduce energy use, reduce raw material use and prevent pollution. They even have their own solar panels.

For all their efforts they’ve held an international accredited standard for Environmental Management Systems since 2006.

Our catalogues can easily be recycled and we encourage you, our customers, to put them in with your recycling once you’ve finished with them.

Delivering all your Parrot’s goodies means we need to enlist the help of our partner couriers, Royal Mail, DPD and Parcelforce, who all have their own environment policies too.

DPD have a carbon neutral commitment and are also certified to the international accredited standard for Environmental Management Systems (ISO 14001).

Parcelforce have launched a woodland carbon option, so customers can donate towards the expansion of forests and woodlands and have over 1,100 eco-friendly vans.

Royal Mail’s environment policy focuses on reducing the energy their fleet and property produces, reducing the amount of waste they create, reducing the amount of water they produce and working with suppliers and customers to address their environmental impact.

As you can see ourselves at Northern Parrots and all our partner companies are working very hard to leave an environment that’s ideal for our feathered friends and us.

Share your comments below on how you keep your home environmentally friendly.

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