ZuPreem | Nutritionally Complete Pelleted Diets For Parrots
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Premium nutrition for your pet Parrot from ZuPreem

ZuPreem is available in a choice of recipes, each made from fresh ingredients full of flavour. Complete pelleted diets such as the FruitBlend and Natural Blend mixes provide a solid base diet for your Parrot. Plus, there are a selection of treats and other foods.

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ZuPreem have been one of the leading driving forces in animal nutrition for over 40 years. The company is owed and run by the Morris family, through three generations. A commitment to bettering the lives of animals through proper nutrition is now, as ever, behind the success of ZuPreem.

The ZuPreem brand was born through the need for better nutrition for zoo animals, including birds and Parrots. ZuPreemís diets are nutritionally complete and come in FruitBlend, PastaBlend and Natural flavours, with a choice of pellet sizes in most.

Shaped, coloured and flavoured (using fresh ingredients) these pellets keep feeding time fun and interesting for your bird, an event which can be made mentally stimulating by feeding ZuPreem diets via foraging toys.

Trusted and used by breeders worldwide, ZuPreem`s Opti-Nutrient system ensures optimum weight gain and growth. Plus the Probiotics Bacillus aids proper digestion and absorption of important nutrients.

There are also a selection of sensible seed and other treats, available in an orchard, trail, garden or tropical mix.

Northern Parrots are the sole UK importer of ZuPreem ensuring a consistent supply, and as each batch is made to our requirements we can promise you the freshest product available.

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