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A great selection of Parrot seed and treats from Vitakraft

Here you will find a range of popular products including foods, treat sticks and treats from Vitakraft for your pet bird or Parrot's enjoyment.

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Vitakraft first began way back in 1837 in Germany and is now in the hands of the fifth generation of the original owners, the Wuehrmann family. Heino Wuehrmann founded the company in the village of Heillgenrode near Bremen, Germany and the company has increased in size every year since. Vitakraft is now a global company, operating in over 20 countries worldwide across 4 continents.

In 1929 Heino Wuehrmann, father of the current managing director, laid the foundations for a modern form of pet food production which ensured their high standards of quality were achieved whilst fulfilling the ever growing demand for their products.

Vitakraft joined forces with American company Sunseed in 2008, to form Vitakraft Sunseed Inc, as the two recognised they shared a common goal of producing natural products whilst continuing to research new and innovative ones.

Each item is specifically made for the individual species it caters for, so Vitakraft really is one of the best choices you can make for your birdís nutrition. It ensures every Parrot gets the goodness from their food that they need.

As well as bird products Vitakraft now produce reptile cat, dog, horse and small animal products, and the love and compassion that goes into making every product is as strong now as it was when they first begun in the 1800ís. Today, Vitakraft`s motto `feed with love` is still a true reflection of their work and they continue to strive in providing the highest quality products for your pet.

Choose from the massive selection of treats and treat sticks for your Parrot here.

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