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You Keeping your Parrot's toys in good condition, trimming rope and removing chewed parts ensures they stay safe for your bird to play with. Over time and after many hours of play, toys can start to look less interesting.


This is when having a supply of fun, bright and interesting do-it-yourself toy-making parts can save the day. Being able to rebuild your Parrot's favourite toys means they can go on and play for many more happy hours. You can even use DIY toy-making parts on toys that perhaps your bird isn’t too fond of, making them miles more interesting, by adding colours that attract their attention or other materials you know they like playing with.


Many Parrot owners love using toy-making parts to get creative and design and build toys for their own bird, specially tailored with all the materials they know their bird adores the most. Enjoy making your own Parrot toys, swings or climbers, chew toys or foot toys or even just tie materials onto the bars of your bird`s cage.


With a little imagination- and some help from your feathered friend- you can get creative with Parrot Toy-Making Parts. Just make sure your Parrot is always supervised during playtime.