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Our Christmas Parrot Toys have arrived, so bring some seasonal cheer to your pet bird or Parrot. There are toys for foraging, chewing, shredding, picking and preening, all great for keeping your feathered friend entertained throughout the holiday season.


With a Christmas themed Parrot Pinata your bird can enjoy almost never ending fun. Fill them with goodies and watch as your Parrot chews them until they burst open with their favourite treats. Once they’ve enjoyed retrieving all the treats, they can continue chewing up and shredding their Pinata toy.


To ensure your Parrot can join in with all those Christmas songs and carols, there’s a range of stainless steel bells, plus some Jingle Balls Parrot play toys.


You should always supervise your Parrot when they are playing with toys, as only you know how destructive your Parrot is. Please use our suggestions of bird sizes for the toys as a guide only.