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  • conure with the wing nut foot toys

    Wing Nuts Parrot Puzzle Foot Toys - Pack of 3

    • Let your Parrot enjoy spinning and twisting the rattles up and down the bolt
    • The caps on the bolts can be removed, to allow you to hide treats in for foraging fun
    • The bright colours intrigue inquisitive Parrots
    • Suitable for African Grey, Senegals, Quaker and more
  • corn husk toss parrot toy

    Corn Husk Toss Parrot Foot Toy

    • Two pom poms for unravelling, paper sticks for shredding and wood for chewing on
    • Destructible toys satisfy a bird's instinctual need to chew
    • Providing foot toys promotes good foot dexterity as well as an excellent outlet for fun inside and outside the cage
    • Suitable for African Grey, Amazon, Caique, Eclectus, Lg Conure, Meyers and Senegals

In their natural environment your Parrot would spend many hours during the day searching for and finding their food – or foraging. Therefore it is important that you give your African Grey as many opportunities to carry out this natural behaviour as possible. There are lots of amazing foraging toys available including reusable foraging toys from top brands such as Creative Foraging and Nature’s Instinct.


There’s also a range of quality chewable foraging toys from trusted toy makers including Paradise, Super Bird and Zoo-Max, all made using a wide variety of bird safe materials your African Grey can chew on. Let your Grey watch you place treats into these foraging toys, then you can enjoy watching your bird as their clever minds work out how to retrieve them. Foraging toys provide your African Grey with a puzzle to solve, and you can easily choose a toy for your Parrot's ability. The more your bird gets used to foraging toys the more complex puzzles you can offer them to solve. All foraging toys get your Grey’s brain matter working, prevent birdie boredom and the many reported associated problems.


African Greys also love chewing things up. Giving your bird toys they can chew helps them to maintain a healthy beak, as your Grey chews it keeps their beak trim. Chewable toys come in a wide range of styles and designs. Wood and rope toys are some of the most popular as well as cardboard and paper toys. Your Grey is sure to enjoy shredding up and pulling apart these popular materials. For even more fun-to-chew natural materials take a look at the willow and palm toys and coconut and cactus toys.


Prefer to get creative and make your very own toys for your African Grey companion? There’s loads of fun and interesting toy-making parts to choose from. Design custom toys built with your love, care and time that you know your Grey will love, or us them to rebuild or repair some of your bird's existing favourites.


If your African Grey Parrot loves sounds and music then you should definitely take a look at the range of bells and musical toys on offer. You’ll find high quality stainless steel bells, toys that play music as well as speech training toys to help your Grey become the best talker in town.


For something more durable consider giving your Grey toys from our acrylic and metal toy range. These tougher toys aren’t as easy to pull apart and chew, not that it’s going to stop your Grey from trying; which is half the fun!


Please note it is advisable to supervise your African Grey when playing with their toys, as well as to routinely check and maintain them to ensure they stay as safe as possible for your bird.


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