Tidymix Food | Delicious Parrot Seeds And Treats
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Tidymix Food

A range of popular seeds and treats for pet birds and Parrots

Show your Parrot just how much you love them and treat them to some delicious Tidymix seed mixes, recommended by vets and leading rescue charities.

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Has your Parrot started tucking into the goodness of Tidymix Food yet? Itís 99% edible, which is great considering the high amount of nutritional value contained in every product.

For example, in the seed mixes thereís kelp for high mineral content and fruit providing your Parrot with lots of vitamins.

The Parrot treats have high nutritional value too. They have been chopped into different shapes in many different flavours so something for every Parrot to enjoy.

The healthy ingredients present in this Tidyimix seed diet include fruits such as bananas and vine fruits that give your Parrot Vitamin C to aid them in fighting diseases, garlic sticks that improve your Parrotís immune system, honey coated with Vitamin B6 that your Parrot uses for getting protein and energy into their body, chillies packed with Vitamin A that improve your birdís sight and hearing, papaya that supports your birdís digestive system, nuts that give your bird good saturated fats and finally pineapple, an important source of different vitamins and minerals your Parrot needs every day.

All the Tidymix Food and seed diets are manufactured using human grade ingredients, so you and your Parrot could soon be enjoying the goodness of it.

Try it out today.

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