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The Birdcare Company

A comprehensive range of specialist supplements for pet birds and Parrots

For over 20 years The Birdcare Company have been providing pet bird and Parrot owners with a comprehensive range of supplements to aid in improving your bird’s diet and for use during times of stress and ill health.

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The Birdcare Company is the UK’s leader in pet bird supplements. The company makes supplements designed to keep your bird healthy (whether a pet or breeding bird), products to help your bird recover when they are sick and tonics to improve their performance during breeding.

It is not unusual for breeders to double their production when incorporating The Birdcare Company system into their bird's diet. Many of their products are used and recommended by many of the UK’s leading avian vets.

Supplements are particularly good for birds on a mainly seed diet. Supplements can be added to water or food so your bird won't even notice they're taking them! However your Parrot will look and feel healthier and will be in much better condition overall.

The Birdcare Company's philosophy is to work closely with bird keepers to understand their problems, and then search and develop a solution to those problems. Developing comprehensive products which are easy to use is what The Birdcare Company prides itself on. Find them all here.

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