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Discover a fantastic range of Parrot foods, pet bird toys, stylish cages and essential accessories for your Quaker.


Keeping these busy Parrots healthy has never been easier with the range of top quality diets now available – many approved and recommended by avian vets.


Although Parrot seeds have been the main stay of many a pet bird’s diet, this is simply no longer the case.


Over the years avian vets, top breeders, nutritionists and behaviourists have combined to create many complete and pelleted foods; perfect for providing your Quaker with a highly nutritious base diet. Making up the rest of your Quaker's daily food intake should be fresh fruits, vegetables, sprouting seeds, nuts, Parrot seed and treats. Serving your bird a varied diet really can help to keep them healthy.


Parrot toys have developed at an amazing rate too. With many chewable toys (made using wood, rope, leather, card and paper) as well as reusable toys (made from acrylic, plastic and polycarbonate) providing opportunities for your Quaker to forage for their foods, treats and the materials they love the most.


There are many types of top quality cages available, for instance travel cages, solid top cages, open top cages or play top cages. Just be sure your bird’s cage has room for them to move around once all their food, toys and accessories are in place.


So, remember for a comprehensive choice of Quaker food, treats, toys, cages, supplements and accessories, we have everything for your Parrot right here.