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  • zupreem garden mix

    ZuPreem Real Rewards 6oz Garden Mix Small Parrot Treat

    • A treat made with tasty vegetable and more
    • The resealable bag ensures food stays fresh
    • Hide in foraging toys for your Parrot to find
    • Suitable for Caique, Cockatiel, Conure and more
  • large storage box

    Storage Box for Parrot Food - Large

    • A handy place to store all your Parrot's food and other goodies
    • Has a tight seal to keep food fresh
    • Has a scooper to grab food with
    • Suitable for African Grey, Amazon, Budgie and more
  • white gama cage

    Gama Top Opening Small Parrot Cage with Stand

    • An cage with features such as perches, feeders and tray
    • Attach toys for a fun playtime
    • Has a shelf for storage
    • Suitable for Senegal, Quaker, Caique and more
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  • 10kg african parrot blend

    Prestige Loro Parque African Parrot Blend 10kg

    • A delicious mix of ingredients
    • An enriched seed mixture
    • Full of vitamins and minerals
    • Suitable for African Grey, Meyers and Senegals

The selection of food and treats, toys, accessories, cages and supplements available for your Meyer's or Senegal Parrot cannot be bettered anywhere else on the web.


Your Parrot is intelligent and keeping them entertained prevents boredom and many of the associated problems. Offer your Parrot a range of toys, such as toys for chewing and preening on, foot toys, toys for climbing and swinging on as well as foraging toys which provide essential mental stimulation.


Feeding your Meyer's or Senegal Parrot a highly nutritious and varied diet is very important. There are base foods such as pellets and complete diets which can then be topped up with fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds and many other highly nourishing foods. For fussy eaters help is at hand with a range of easy to use vitamins and minerals. Some can be added to food, others to your bird’s drinking water.


Kitting out your Meyer's or Senegal's cage is so much fun, as well as all the amazing toys, you have loads of Parrot perches to choose from, various woods, cotton, sisal, sand covered ones for keeping nails and beaks trim, plus there’s even edible ones full of vitamins and minerals.


It is important to ensure that your Meyer's and Senegal Parrot cage is big enough for all these toys and accessories, as well as leaving space for your bird. The different designs offer different features such as open top cages, solid top cages, play top and play gym cages.


For time outside of their cage your Meyer's or Senegal can have loads of fun on a Parrot stand or play gym. They provide a dedicated safe place away from their cage to rest or play.


No other Parrot website can give you a greater selection of food, treats, toys, cages, accessories and supplements for your Meyer's or Senegal Parrot.