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Savic Accessories

Pet bird and Parrot baths

Your Parrot has a large bath to wash in with these Savic Accessories.

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These Savic Accessories are the perfect addition to your Parrot’s cage.

Spend time bonding with your Parrot by giving them a nice warm bath. The baths fit most size of Parrot comfortably (although it may not be suitable for long tailed Parrots.) A hooded roof stop water leaking out onto the floor and leaves more in the bird baths for your Parrot to splash in.

Your bird can enjoy their bath in the comfort of their own cage, as the metal hangers attach to the inside and outside of the cage.

Your Parrot enters and exits the baths using the wooden perch that they can grip on with their feet.

Browse all the fantastic Savic Accessories right here.

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