Sand And Sanded Paper | Keep Parrot Cages Clean
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Sand and Sanded Paper

A range of solutions to help keep the bottom of your birdís cage clean

Here youíll find bird sand with oyster shell, plus anti-microbial cage liner paper.

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Keeping the base of your birdís cage clean is straightforward with our range of cage base coverings.

For many smaller pet birds and Parrots the coarse Sand and Sanded Paper can help wear down their beak and nails, which is great news for their health. They are perforated so are easily cut to fit inside your birdís cage. All you need to do is replace the sheets several times a week, and your birdís cage is clean and dirt-free once again.

Bird sand provides a base covering so you can easily keep on top of cleaning, by removing dirty and soiled parts, rather than having to replace the whole lot in one go. Birds and Parrots also love foraging through the sand for oyster shells and any dropped seeds or nuts.

The Parrot cage liner paper roll can easily be cut to the size you need, plus it has a natural anti-microbial protection layer to improve overall hygiene.

These products have been designed to be as environmentally friendly as possible and can be put with other decomposable waste once youíve finished with them.

Find everything you need to keep the bottom of your Parrotís cage clean right here.

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