Review Guidelines
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Review Guidelines


We welcome product feedback – good or bad - and feel it’s the best way for other customers to get the information they need, to know if something we sell is suitable for them.

We are happy to publish reviews for items you have used and the following guidelines are intended to keep our reviews as useful as possible.

Relevant – Please concentrate on the product and why you personally liked or disliked it, rather than the price, availability or delivery speed for example, which may be different for other customers.

Useful – Try to provide content helpful to other customers - don't just put "Fantastic" or "Rubbish"

Original – Reviews should be your own words and describe your own experience with the product

Language – Reviews should be written in English only – please avoid “text speak” and writing solely in CAPITAL LETTERS.

Length – There is a maximum of 1,000 characters available for each review

Some things are not allowed in reviews

Promotional – We don’t allow reviews that reference or promote your own, or another, product or business

Privacy – Please do not include your own or anyone else’s name or contact details

Inappropriate content – No profanity, harassment, threats or similar


We reserve the right not to publish a review for any reason.

All reviews, comments and other content become the property of Northern Pet Company Ltd once submitted and may be used by us in any way.

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