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Prevue Hendryx Accessories

High quality accessories from Prevue Hendryx

Here are snuggle huts, perches, blankets and cage liners for Parrot cages, that keep your Parrot warm and protected and their cage clean and hygienic.

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Prevue Hendryx Accessories are the right choice for your Parrot and their cage.

There are cage liners that cut to the size of the cage floor. They have a special antimicrobial layer that improves hygiene levels in your birdís cage and is made with no chemicals or bleaches.

Parrots are prey animals in the wild, but even when kept as companion animals your Parrot needs somewhere to retreat to when they feel nervous. The snuggle huts provide your bird with a cosy and secure place to hide from the world until theyíre ready to come out again. Another advantage is they keep the draughts out during cold weather, so your Parrot doesnít feel the chill.

Feeling cold can put pressure on your Parrotís immune system, so buying them a snug blanket helps keep their temperature high. Your Parrot can snuggle under the blanket and stay nice and warm for as long as they wish.

Remember that these snuggle huts may not be suitable for long tailed birds and could stimulate nesting behaviour in some Parrots. Youíll be pleased to know then that these accessories easily attach and unattach to your birdís cage so are quickly removed from the cage if needed.

There are also perches. You can hide treats inside the perches for your clever bird to find.

Finally there are feeding dishes, that stop your birdís food and water from going everywhere.

These accessories from Prevue Hendryx make an excellent addition to your Parrotís cage.

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