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As with people, to get a balanced diet, your Parrot should be eating a variety of different foods including fresh fruits and vegetables, sprouted seeds, nuts and dry seed, occasionally supported with a vitamin and mineral supplement.


To make sure you’re providing the best diet for your Parrot use complete Parrot food, also known as a formulated diet or pellet. These contain all the nutrition your Parrot needs and should be fed as the base portion of their diet. Add a variety of fresh fruits and vegetable, sprouted seeds, nuts, seeds and treats to make up the rest of your bird's daily intake.


A lot of pet bird owners like to use Organic food. We’ve found the top suppliers of Organic food around so your feathered friend only receives natural food. We have delicious Parrot food from our trusted brands. All the food has undergone rigorous testing to ensure it has the right balance of nutrition and flavour your Parrot adores. And of course, new lines of food are added regularly, so who knows what yummy foods your Parrot could be tucking into next.


Although not the core part of a Parrot’s diet that it used to be, seed is still something most Parrots should have as part of their diet, just in smaller quantities or used as a treat.


Treats (including sunflower seeds and peanuts) are often a preferred way for you to reinforce good behaviour in your Parrot. Find all the rewards you need to spur your Parrot on in learning new skills and behaviours or refining existing ones.


For anybody who’s undergoing the difficult task of hand rearing their Parrot, we have products highly rated for their consistency and reliability, to make hand rearing a success.


The hand feed products have been specially formulated to contain essential nutrients, probiotics and everything a baby bird needs. The special hand feeding products are far superior to most home made versions.For breeding Parrots there are carefully formulated diets to help keep parents in great condition.


All these Parrot foods and treats are ready to be delivered quickly to your door. Just use the links on the left to highlight your species of Parrot and the type of food you're looking for and our website will do the rest.


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