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Welcome to our Blog page. Here you'll find lots of useful information about Everything for your Parrot. There's expert blogs & articles from Rosemary Low, the late Liz Wilson, Mike Simmons, Dorothy Schwarz and Barbara Heidenreich to name a few.

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Red-browed Parrot Rescue

Friday, 29th July 2022Written By Rosemary Low

Scoop story from Rosemary Low! Read first on the Red-browed Parrot and how it was rescued in Brazil.


2022 Conservation Update On Parrots

Tuesday, 17th May 2022Written By Rosemary Low

Rosemary Low gives us an interesting update on conservation projects involving Parrots around the world.


Northern Parrots Visits Flamingo Land

Monday, 9th August 2021Written By Northern Parrots

Read about our marketing team visit to Flamingo Land Yorkshire.


Breeding Parrots and Conservation

Friday, 2nd October 2020Written By Rosemary Low

Rosemary Low reveals more about breeding Parrots and conservation.


How Have Pet Birds Been Affected by Covid-19?

Thursday, 16th July 2020Written By Rosemary Low

Rosemary Low looks at how Parrots have been affected by Covid-19.


Brazil | Captive Breeding and Reintroduction

Friday, 24th April 2020Written By Rosemary Low

Rosemary Low looks at Brazilian Parrots and how they survive in the wild and as pets


How Have Parrots Been Affected By The Fires In Australia?

Friday, 31st January 2020Written By Rosemary Low

Rosemary Low explains how wild Parrots have been impacted by the devastating bush fires in Australia.


Buying Birds and Parrots

Tuesday, 7th February 2017Written By Northern Parrots

If you are considering buying a Parrot this year, here is information on changes in the law that may impact you.


My Last Week at The Ara Project in Costa Rica

Tuesday, 31st March 2015Written By Heather

Heather Scott's time volunteering with Macaws in Costa Rica is coming to an end. She has absolutely loved her time there, so here is what she will miss and what she hopes the future of the Ara Project is.


My Personal Contributions to the Ara Project, Punta Islita

Friday, 6th March 2015Written By Heather

Heather Scott has been volunteering at the Ara Project in Costa Rica for four weeks now and has been able to contribute to some exciting developments at the centre. Read on to find out what they are.


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