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Northern Parrots Blog: September 2017

Welcome to our Blog page. Here you'll find lots of useful information about Everything for your Parrot. There's expert blogs & articles from Rosemary Low, the late Liz Wilson, Mike Simmons, Dorothy Schwarz and Barbara Heidenreich to name a few.

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My Life With Kakariki

Friday, 29th September 2017Written By Dot Schwarz

Dot Schwarz shares her personal experience of living with Kakariki and information on their behaviour, breeding and more.


Meet My Parrots - Mishu the Senegal and Maya the African Grey

Tuesday, 26th September 2017Written By Northern Parrots

For this month`s Meet My Parrot article, we are going to meet Marius Torsan from Romania and his flock, Mishu the Senegal and Maya the African Grey. Over to Marius who tells us his story.


How Aviator Harnesses Are Made

Tuesday, 19th September 2017Written By Steve Hartman

Steve Hartman of The Parrot University explains how Aviator harnesses are made, by discussing their quality control tests and their manufacturing process.


12 Simple Tips For Looking After Your Parrot

Tuesday, 12th September 2017Written By Bucktons

Here are a few useful tips to help you look after your Parrot, particularly during the warmer summer months.


Training Tips and Parrot Bites

Tuesday, 5th September 2017Written By Barbara Heidenreich

Barbara Heidenreich shares her three training tips to help your Parrot stop biting.


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