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Northern Parrots Toys

Our own collection of branded toys for hours of fun playtime for your Parrot

Here are reusable foraging toys, chewable foraging toys, foot toys and more for your Parrot, from us at Northern Parrots, so they have plenty to enrich and entertain their lives.

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Make sure your Parrot has plenty to occupy their time with our fantastic selection of toys. There are toys for almost every activity, including foraging, chewing, climbing and exercise.

Here at Northern Parrots we have carefully selected these toys to ensure they’re the very best for your Parrot, although you’ll need to supervise your bird when they are playing with their toys.

Toys are made from lots of beak-teasingly good textures for your Parrot to explore, like rope and wood, sisal and cardboard and paper. For stronger Parrots there are acrylic and metal toys, and if your Parrot loves to chew their toys there are chewable toys to keep beaks healthy.

Foraging toys are made from reusable and chewable materials. Parrots search for food in the wild and it is far more stimulating for them to go looking for their food, rather than it being presented to them in a feeding dish. Fill the foraging Parrot toy with your Parrot’s favourite delicious food or treats and watch as your feathered friend has fun looking for their next meal.

Our Northern Parrot’s foot toys give beaks and feet a work-out. Your Parrot can move the toys along with their feet and chew on them at the same time, as they are so lightweight.

Parrots love to climb and reach new heights and with our Northern Parrots climbing and swing toys they can do just that, without ever leaving their cage.

If you can’t decide between one toy and another, then we've handpicked some toy packs, containing the most popular toys. Rotate the toys regularly to give your Parrot maximum stimulation from them all.

Buy your Parrot’s new Northern Parrots Toy right here.

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