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Northern Parrots

Our own selection of branded foods, treats, toys and accessories for your pet bird or Parrot

Here you’ll find a large selection of Northern Parrots products including foods and treats, a host of fun toys, plus perches, hideaways, table top Parrot stands and some gift ideas.

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A range of products chosen personally by Northern Parrots to keep your pet bird or Parrot entertained. The Northern Parrots toy range includes a wide variety of popular wood and rope toys, plastic and acrylic toys, foot toys, toys offering foraging opportunities, hoops, swings and ladders.

You’ll also find some activity and trick toys so you can spend some quality time playing together and having fun which in turn helps to strengthen the bond between you. When training your bird use positive reinforcement training methods and you’ll soon see the results you want.

Northern Parrots also offer nutritious premium seed diets, readily taken to and enjoyed by most Parrots. Plus a range of Northern Parrot treats, which have been picked to excite your Parrot’s taste buds.

All Northern Parrot's accessories have been specially selected to give your Parrot the best quality of life. Take a look at the highly rated sand perches; great for keeping your bird’s nails and beak trim, plus a variety of other perches, as well as tabletop play stands and hideaways.

The Northern Parrots supplements keep your bird in excellent condition.

The Northern Parrots range offer you and your bird quality products at great prices from a name you can trust.

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