New Parrot Toys | Foraging, Chewable, Foot And Musical Toys
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New Parrot Toys

Interesting and exciting new toys to stimulate your Parrot’s life with

Here are our new reusable foraging toys, chewable foraging toys, foot toys, musical toys, activity and trick toys, shreddable toys, preening toys, climbing toys, toy packs and toy-making parts for your Parrot.

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Almost every month our suppliers and manufacturers release brand new toys for your Parrot that we post here. These could be improvements or additions to a toy already on the market or an enriching new toy to keep your Parrot’s clever mind occupied. There are new toys for a wide range of Parrot species.

As foraging is so important to a Parrot’s wellbeing, we ensure that we frequently have new foraging toys for your bird to discover. In the wild a Parrot could spend over half their waking life searching for their food, so they need as many opportunities to replicate this behaviour as possible. Also in the wild your Parrot would be encountering new environments and objects on a daily basis, so they need the same chances when kept as companion birds.

There are two styles of foraging toy available, reusable and chewable. In chewable foraging toys your bird has to chew the way through the different materials to reach the prize hidden inside, but in reusable foraging toys your Parrot has to twist, turn and manipulate the toy to solve the puzzle and find the reward stored within it.

New materials and new puzzles for foraging toys are added all the time, so keep checking back to see what new foraging toys your bird can be enjoying next.

Parrots love making lots of noise, so make sure you give them lots of new bells and musical toys so they can continue to cause a racket for a long time.

Keeping your Parrot mentally and physically stimulated can also be done using our new activity and trick toys. Your bird needs to exercise regularly to stay fit, but if they’re always exercising with the same toy they’ll become bored of it and discard it for more sedentary toys. Having new swings and climbing toys supports your Parrot in maintaining a healthy weight too as they move around on them.

Teaching your Parrot new tricks keeps their brain active, so buying a new trick toy so your bird can learn a new skill ensures that birdie boredom never sets in.

Toys made from natural materials such as wood and rope, coconut and cactus and willow and palm, are made for your bird to eventually chew, shred, tear and rip to pieces, so you need new toys ready for when your Parrot has destroyed them. New cardboard and paper toys are fantastic as shreddable toys too, so if your bird hasn’t tried them out yet, make sure they do soon.

Although acrylic and metal toys are tough and last a long time, your Parrot still needs new ones regularly. These could have a new task for your bird to solve or a new shape to investigate.

Activity centres again give your Parrot lots of new spaces and places to get to grips with.

Foot toys are perfect for chewing and exercising with, so give your Parrot a new foot toy to munch on using their beak and move around with their feet.

We update the contents of our toy packs as regularly as possible. We add new toys to the pack to ensure the fun toys inside the pack stay fresh and interesting for your bird to play with.

We’re always looking for new toy-making parts for your bird to interact with too, because then there is something original to refurbish a current toy of your Parrot's or pieces to create a brand new toy you or your Parrot won’t have played with before.

Find the very best New Parrot Toys right here.

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