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New Accessories

The latest accessories for your Parrot

Here we post the newest accessories we have available for your Parrot, including perches, stands, feeding dishes, hideaways and lights.

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We have accessories from all the major brands and manufacturers, who release brand new products on a regular basis. So if the right accessory isnít available for your Parrot, check again soon because it might just be fresh onto our website and ready for you to buy. We have accessories for all size and species of Parrot so you can always provide your bird with something new to stimulate them once again.

It could be that your Parrot needs a brand new perch or stand to exercise their feet and unwind on. Choose from the latest perches and stands on the links above.

Over time feeding dishes can become worn, so buy a lovely clean one right here. You can also ensure your Parrotís cage stays lovely and hygienic by getting some new cleaning products and disinfectant, or sand and sanded paper for the base of their cage.

Perhaps their hideaway is in need of updating or replaced with new fabrics. Get a high quality hideaway here.

If youíre teaching your Parrot how to fly, buy your bird the newest model of harness here.

A bird light needs to be replaced every 12 months, so when your year is nearly over, browse the latest innovation in UV lighting here first.

It could be that you're looking for a new accessory to relax with at home once your Parrot has gone to bed for the night. Perhaps you want to chill with an interesting new book or the latest DVD on Parrots. In which case check the latest releases here.

Then of course there are the miscellaneous accessories. Who knows what fun, new accessories you could find in here. There might be mugs, sprays, baths, misters or something else. Just click on the new miscellaneous tab and see for yourself.

Whatever accessory you or your Parrot needs, make sure your Parrot is enjoying the latest accessories by choosing from our wide selection here.

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