Nature’s Instinct Toys | Reusable Foraging Parrot Toys
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Nature's Instinct Toys

Reusable foraging puzzle toys for Parrots from Nature's Instinct

Here are foraging toys to suit all skill levels, from beginner to expert. Encourage your Parrot to work for their food and treats using their natural foraging instincts.

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Let your Parrot succumb to their desire to search for their food with Parrot foraging toys from Nature’s Instinct.

In the wild Parrots spend many hours looking for their food and it is something they love to do. With Nature's Instinct Toys, you can help your Parrot replicate this behaviour. Place your Parrot’s favourite food in these toys and let them work out how to retrieve them.

This is a much more fulfilling way for your Parrot to feed and spend their day, helping to reduce the possibility of boredom whilst enhancing their mental and physical wellbeing.

There are foraging toys to suit all ability levels, so it doesn’t matter if your Parrot has never foraged before or is an expert at tracking down their food, there's something for every bird.

Once your Parrot has become more proficient at foraging most Nature’s Instinct Toys allow you to increase the difficulty level. Allow your Parrot to watch you place the treats inside so they realise exactly where they are and how to approach the puzzle, and supervise your bird when they are playing with toys.

As they are reusable foraging Parrot toys, the fun you and your Parrot can have is almost endless. They are very strong and long lasting and withstand destructive beaks.

Many of these toys for Parrots have additional benefits too. Your Parrot gets exercise as they move round the toy searching for their snack and they can attempt to chew on the toys, thus giving their beak a work out.

Buy your Parrot’s new Nature’s Instinct Toy right here.

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