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Meet My Parrot - Hector The Budgie

Published on Tuesday, 23rd August 2016
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Here is the latest in our Meet My Parrot series. This month we’re meeting Hector and his owner Marianne Marlow.

Tell us about Hector
This handsome blue Budgerigar is Hector. He came to us when he was 2 years old because his current owners were no longer able to look after him. Hector is now 7 and a half.

Why did you choose Budgies?
I did not really choose Budgies, I feel that they chose me. I have 7 other birds and they are all rehomed.

What is his favourite food?
Hector loves millet, as most Budgies do, but he also enjoys Dill, Basil and sweetcorn. Many people do not realise that Budgies eat vegetables and herbs in conjunction with seed in order to stay healthy. 

Does he have any favourite toys?
He prefers other Budgies and mirrors to play with.

Does he have any games he likes to play?
Hector very much likes humans. He will squawk and flap at my husband and I so that we will play with him. He likes to bash our thumbs and sing.

Does he speak?
He does not speak, as we have 7 other Budgies. Budgies only really speak if they are lone birds.

Do you have advice for new Parrot owners?
If you are going to get a bird or birds, please make sure you have lots of time for them. They also need safe free flight to exercise their wings.

If you can, try and rehome birds rather than go to breeders or pet shops. Every bird deserves a second chance at a loving home. 
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