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Mastermind Foraging Heart Parrot Toy

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Show how much you care by stepping up the challenge for foraging lovers.

Last updated on 18th June 2019
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Perfect for birds who need a further foraging challenge. The Mastermind Foraging Heart Parrot Toy engages your bird with rewarding healthy activity.

Place your bird's rewards inside the chambers, the see through polycarbonate allows your bird to see their reward, but now they have to work out how to retrieve them?

To do this your bird has to move the chambers around the edge of the toy until it reaches the top where it will fall into the centre for your bird to enjoy.

Providing your bird with fun, active foraging toys is the best way to provide for their natural instincts, ensuring your bird is kept busy, body and mind!

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2 / 5
Great Idea - Fundamental Flaw
15th August 2015
Rank : Top 250 Reviewer
My Parrots: Meyers and Senegals
Location: United Kingdom
I must admit when I was looking at this puzzle toy I did wonder why you could by replacement cones to go in it. Surely the track kept them in place, so why would they go missing? It is a very expensive toy, but my Senegal parrot does love a puzzle and has mastered many of the other foraging toys on here so I thought I would give this a go. The flaw is how you put the cones in. If you look on the left hand side of the heart there is a little dip in the plastic. This allows you to push the cone in, when the toy is unattached and upside down so the food does not fall out. Now, why would any self respecting parrot spend the time working out how to slide the cones round to the top of the heart, where there is a little hole allowing safe delivery of the seeds into a small dish? No, most parrots do not carefully work out the way we WANT them to use toys, but use brute force, manipulation and the quickest, easiest route to get the food. In this case, move the cone round to this dip, where it always sticks a bit as the track is less, then wrench HARD and bingo! Cone falls out, seeds scatter everywhere, one happy parrot, one cone lost in the litter at the bottom of the cage and seeds exploded everywhere but the convenient little dish. The toy designers underestimated parrots. If we can put the cones in that way, the parrots can take them out. Fix this, and you have yourself a nice little toy, even if it IS ridiculously expensive.
I don't recommend this product
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