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Kaytee Exact

Complete and balanced daily diets from Kaytee offer your bird exact nutrition from baby bird through to adult

Kaytee Exact has been providing owners and their pet Parrots with nutritious foods that are 100% edible for over 25 years.

Baby Parrots easily take to and enjoy Kaytee Exact Hand Feeding Formulas, available for both Parrots and Macaws.

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Kaytee Exact has been the recognised nutritional leader by avian veterinarians and breeders since its introduction in 1989.

Exact Rainbow was developed by the nutritional experts at the Kaytee Avian Research Centre, established to enhance people's knowledge and enjoyment of birds through education, conservation and research.

Kaytee Exact Rainbow is the most researched and widely used extruded food available. Scientifically formulated, Kaytee Exact provides complete and balanced daily nutrition which is 100% consumable and loved by most Parrots.

Kaytee Exact Hand Feeding Formula is available in either Parrot or Macaw formulas and is the most trusted and widely used hand rearing food available.

Northern Parrots are the sole UK importer of Kaytee ensuring a consistent supply, and as each batch is made to our requirements we can promise you the freshest product available.

Click to watch Kaytee's video on what to do if your Parrot is sick.

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