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Johnston and Jeff

High quality seed mixes for Parrots and wild birds

Highly respected, each Johnston and Jeffís recipe is blended with the finest quality ingredients available to provide a nourishing meal for your pet bird or Parrot. Take a look at the Johnston and Jeff products available for companion Parrots and wild birds here.

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Present Managing Director Richard Johnston is the great-grandson of George Gilchrist Johnston who started the business in 1880 with business partner Richard Hunter Jeff. From the very beginning the companyís ethos was do it right.

Quality control is of the utmost importance; it was then and is now. With advancing technologies, the same principles and high regards for standards are expected and adhered to at every level from sourcing ingredients to creating the right blend.

Johnston and Jeff is a family run business, and a business run by a family who are serious about birds, their conservation, welfare, care and needs. As such they are involved with a number of bird societies and avian specialist organisations.

All seeds and nuts are cleaned until they reach a purity level of 99.9%, because 99% isnít good enough! Only quality ingredients make the grade with many being of human food grade. Pure nourishment is the way to ensure birds are fit, healthy and strong, and that is exactly what Johnston and Jeff provide.

All fruit used is human consumption grade, meaning they are in date and identical to that sold to us. Anything less is rejected. Every seed, grain, nut and fruit is sourced and bought under the direct control of one man; Managing Director Richard Johnston. His name is on every product and thatís his own personal guarantee.

See all the Johnston and Jeff products we have right here.

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