Johnsons Treats | Delicious And Nutritious Parrot Treats
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Johnsons Treats

Treats for small birds to large Parrots

Here are delicious treats and seed mixes for your Parrot from Johnsons, baked in fun to eat shapes.

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Johnsons Treats are a variety of tasty seed based treats in yummy flavours that many species of Parrot love.

A wonderful range of ingredients have gone into the seed mixes to give your Parrot something different in every beakfull. These include sunflower seeds, peanuts, honey and fruit.

Your Parrot will need to eat between the seed to get to the food they love the most, providing your bird with mental enrichment too, as they forage to get to their chosen treats. In the wild your Parrot would be spending long periods of their day looking for their food, so they need to be given the opportunity to forge as much as possible.

Johnsons Food is in a bell, ring, stick or bar shape, so they stand out from everything else in your Parrot’s feeding dish.

All the Parrot treats come with hooks that securely fasten onto your Parrot’s cage.

Treat your Parrot to some scrumptious Johnsons Treats today.

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