Jellyfish Chewable Foraging Parrot Toy
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Jellyfish Chewable Foraging Parrot Toy Superbird Jellyfish Chewable Foraging Parrot Toy

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Jellyfish Chewable Foraging Parrot Toy

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Totally shreddable and chewable jellyfish shaped toy.

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Last updated on 22nd August 2019
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There are lots of fun textures for your Parrot to chew, pick at and unravel on this Jellyfish Toy from Super Bird Creations. Plus, opportunities to encourage your bird to forage for food, treats and other rewards.

This activity packed toy has plenty to keep your Parrot's mind and beak happily busy for many hours.

The upside down woven vine and leaf basket creates the body of this Jellyfish Toy, providing plenty of material to crunch and pull apart.

Each leg of this Jellyfish Toy is made up of woven vine balls, mini birdie bangles, a mahogany pod and a wood cup, all suspended on a length of chunky knotty leather rope.

Woven vine munch balls are extremely popular, Parrots love pulling them apart, unravelling them and chewing up the vine. Plus, you can easily push rewards inside including pieces of food and treats, which your bird can enjoy trying to retrieve.

The mini birdie bangles are made from compressed cardboard, these have been a favourite for years, as they spend time ripping and pulling off all the different layers.

The mahogany pods are a natural product and is the part left over once all the seeds have been removed. It is another fun material for your bird to enjoy chewing on.

The wood cup at the bottom of each leg can be filled with food, treat or materials for your bird to discover.

Easily and securely fasten this Jellyfish Toy to your Parrot's cage or play gym stand using the pear link provided.

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