Jelly Cups Food | Delicious Fruit Treats For Your Parrot
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Jelly Cup Treats

These popular jelly treats come in a range of delicious flavours Parrots love

Here are lots of the different flavours of Parrot Jellies, all packed with vitamins making them a healthy snack for your Parrot.

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Your Parrot will love the beak-watering flavours of Parrot Jellies.

Jelly Cups treats come in a myriad of yummy flavours. You can buy a pack containing all the flavours to give your Parrot a variety or a pack containing just the one gorgeous flavour your Parrot adores the most.

Here’s a tip for Parrots who simply love their Jelly Cups, try using a small amount as a positive reinforcement reward during training or as a reward for good behaviour.

All you need to do is peel off the lid, hand over to your Parrot and then let them indulge in the magnificent flavours of the Jellies.

The Jelly Cups range also includes a good selection of berries and dried fruit, which again your Parrot can forage for or just use as a reward for positive behaviour. Foraging is an instinctive Parrot behaviour and it helps keep your Parrot’s mind active.

The goji berries are packed with Vitamin A and antioxidants that boost your Parrot’s immune system.

Dried fruits offer the same high nutritional value as fresh fruits. The only difference between them is dried fruits can be stored for longer. The many flavours of dried fruits available include pineapple, coconut, apple, papaya, banana, cranberry and goji berry.

Don’t forget there are Jelly Cups Holders for these treats to be placed in, these are sold separately.

For a healthy and scrumptious treat for your Parrot, choose Jelly Cups Food.

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