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January Sale 2017

Published on Tuesday, 3rd January 2017
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The January sale you’ve been waiting for is here. See below for all our top deals and discounts.

If your Parrot loves getting exercise through play, chewing on different materials, try the
Chewable Foot Toy Pack. Was £24.45, now a brilliant £11.99.

There is plenty of chewing and shredding fun to be had in the Jumbo Kabob Pack too, was £24.97, now £19.99.

Your Parrot can enjoy climbing on the Cargo Net, and find all the treats hidden inside the wooden blocks. Was £39.99, but is now an amazing £19.99.

The colourful Davie Duck Toy is normally available for £5.99, but in our January sale is £3.99. He’s a fun friend for your smaller bird.

Give your Parrot lots of enrichment with the Buffet Party Ball. Fill it with treats then let your Parrot work out how to retrieve them again. Reduced to £5.99 for one month only (usually £7.99.) 

The Coloured Pinata Squares, available in small, large or xlarge, are two chews in one, great for foraging fun. Their sale prices are £2.99, £6.99 and £9.99, normally £4.99, £8.99 and £12.99.

Not many remain of the Lantern Surprise Toy, with all its goodies inside for your Parrot to find. Was £10.99, now £9.99. 

Teach your Parrot to talk, shop or play basketball with three of our activity and trick toys that are on offer. The Birdy Babble Ball was £8.99, now £6.99 and the Shopping Trolley was £9.99, now a brilliant £4.99 and the Basketball Set is now nearly half price at £7.99 (usually £12.99.)

Your Parrot has hit the jackpot with the Jackpot Joy Toy. Was £11.99, now £6.99. It has lots of exciting materials like vine and leather, all rolled into one toy.

If your feathered friend prefers willow instead, try the Willow Rainbow Rings Toy, at the terrific sale price of £6.99. This also has plenty to pick, preen and untie.

Vine has a myriad of fibres to enjoy unravelling and on the Vine Ball Tree, Vine Ball Braided Wreath and Vine Ball and Blocks, your Parrot can uncover tons of it. They have spectacular sale prices of £6.99, £8.49 and £8.99.

Get your Parrot moving and dancing with the Hula Dancer Toy. It has masses of natural material that looks like a hula skirt. You can even hide treats inside it for your bird to find. Available at the great sale price of £4.99.

Your bird can enjoy climbing and swinging about on the Jingle Ball Planet Toy, was £12.99, now £8.99.

The Jumble Stacks Toy has big reductions too. It has two of the most popular chewing materials, wood and cotton, and is ready to buy right now for £6.99.

The Cascading Blocks to Chew Toy has a variety of different textures. Was £12.99, now £9.99. 

The Long Legs Wood and Rope Toy has an incredible 100 different wood pieces, along with yards of wood to chew and rope to preen. Was £59.99, now £44.99. 

The medium and large sized Nuts, Bolts and Binkys Toy have both been reduced. These hanging toys have plenty of binkies to remove too. Large was £21.99, now £19.99 and the Medium was £14.99, now £12.99. 

There are three sizes of Itsy Bitsy Toys available, all with fantastic sale prices. Each has plenty of shreddable rope and wood. The Jumbo size was £27.99, now £19.99, the Large size was £12.99, now £8.99 and the Medium size was £7.99, now £5.99. 

All our fun Zoo Chew Pinatas are reduced too. Three fun styles are available, elephant, tiger or toucan, can your Parrot find the treats inside? Were £11.99, now £9.49. 

Keep feet healthy with Chain Link Rattles, were £5.49, now £3.99. 

The Pine Cone Surprise, with its wood chambr to hide rewards for foraging fun, was £10.99, now only £8.99. 

The Block Spiral Toy was £12.99, now £7.99. It has so much wood for your Parrot to chew on. 

The Screwball Foot Toy is sure to grab your Parrot's attention, with all its moving parts and wing nuts to turn. Was £3.50, now £2.50. 

The Mini Dinner Bell has lots of shiny bells that noiseloving Parrots adore. Was £6.99, now £5.99. 

The Jingle Stars Toy has many colourful parts too, all for £5.99 (previously £7.99)

Keep your Parrot looking beautiful and reduce overpreening behaviours with the Under the Sea Medium Preening Toy and the Large Preening Toy. The medium was £5.99, now £4.49 and the Large was £7.99, now £5.99. 

The Play N Ball Toy has plenty to keep your bird entertained, with lots of different materials. Was £15.99, now £11.99. 

There are lots of puzzling parts for your Parrot on the Puzzler Beads Toy, now reduced to £7.99, previously £9.99. 

Parrots love working out how to untie the nuts and bolts on the Ball of Nuts & Bolts, discounted to £19.99 in our January sale, RRP £22.99. 

Add some colour to your Parrot's life with the Swing of Rings Toy. Was £8.99, now £6.49. 

Both the Palm Tree and Sombrero Shreddable Toys have masses of cardboard to shred and wood to chew. Both were £8.99, now only £6.99. 

Teach your Parrot colours and numbers with the Rings Game Toy. Was £22.99, now £19.99. 

You can also teach your Parrot to pull the parts and make them chime on the Tiny Pacifier Toy. Was £5.99, now discounted to £3.99. 

The Triple Bamboo Rings is packed full of different textures too, was £5.99, now £4.99. 

The Mini Slam Toy is stuffed full of godies for your Parrot to find. Was £8.99, now £6.99. 

There are plenty more savings on toy packs too. The Creative Foraging Toy Kit is discounted to £34.98, normally £49.97. 

Unlock the key to your Parrot's heart with the Keys to My Heart Toy, that has lots of shiny parts that glisten and sparkle. Was £11.99, now £7.99. 

The Atom of Love Toy has plenty to keep your Parrot interested too, with paper sticks and paper rope, plus you can push treats inside. Was £7.99, now £4.99. 

The Flap Stack Toy has nine layers of chewable wood for beaks to get into. Was £9.99, now £8.49. 

The Large Firecracker Toy is discounted to £2.99 (previously £3.99) and the XLarge Firecracker was £4.99, now £3.49. 

The Tropical Swing Toy is a swing and a toy. Your bird can enjoy chewing and shredding all the different textures on it. Was £11.99, now £8.99. 

Your clever Parrot has to work out how to get the treats from inside the Four Way Forager. Was £24.99, now £21.99. 

All our chewable fruit toys are now reduced. The Strawberry, Pear, Grapes and Apple were £5.99, now £4.99, 

The Coloured Sisal Ring has hundreds of fibres to preen with. Was £6.99, now £4.99. 

The Rope Man with Bell is now less than £10, at £9.99 (normally £12.99.) It's a chewable, preenable friend for your Parrot. 

There is lots to unravel on this Tango Dancer Toy, now available for only £4.99, previously £7.99.

Save over 20% on the Birdie Wind Chime Toy for smaller birds that love to chew. Was £3.99, now £2.99. 

The Hanging Paddles and Popsicle Cascade both have lots of chewable lolly sticks for your Parrot. Both are now £2.99 (previously £3.99 and £3.49.)

The Seek and Chew has a chewable surprise waiting for your Parrot. So buy it now for £2.99 and see what fun they have finding it. 

The Triple Decker Chew Tower is now even better value at £7.49 (usually £9.99.) It has layers of maize mats and plastic shapes. 

There is a cluster of natural materials to enjoy on the Woven Wonders Coloured Cluster. Ready to buy for £8.99 (previously £10.99)

The Natures Cluster is reduced too, to £14.99 from £21.99. 

The 4 Way Spin has big chunky blocks for your Parrot. Discounted to less than £10, at £9.99. 

The Abacus Toy has loads of wood beads to chew on and rope to preen with. Wonderful value at £5.49 (normally £6.99.)

Can your Parrot work out how to get their treats from the Foraging Circle? They'll have hours of fun trying. Save £10, was £39.99, now £29.99. 

Both the Double and Single Climbing Cubes have been reduced. Double was £27.99, now £19.99 and the single was £19.99, now £14.99, saving you £5. Both are fun to climb around and chew on. 

In the Foraging Capsule, your Parrot must work out how to pull the leather pieces to make their treat tumble down. 

The Grande Bird Kabob was £7.99, now £5.99. This has four chunks of cactus wood that is irresistible to Parrots. 

The Snuggle Ring with Bell is comfortable for your Parrot to snuggle up aganst and has lots of soft cotton Was £6.99, now £4.99. 

The Fuzzy Parrot Preening Toy stops your Parrot overpreening and keeps them looking beautiful. Was £6.99, now close to half price at £3.99. 

The Jupiter Chewable Foraging Toy has many wood pieces to chew and rope to unravel. Was £10.99, now £7.99. 

The Foraging Chopsticks Toy was £9.99, now £7.99. Parrots can chew and forage inside them. 

The Tilt A Wheel Cage Mount has treats that need to be negoiated into the right slots too. Was £24.99, now £19.99. 

Your Parrot is going to be lost in all the foraging opportunities of the Lost In Space Toy. Was £24.99, now £19.99. 

Hide treats inside the Coconut Forager for your bird to find too. Was £10.99, now £8.99. 

The tough Tornado Toy was £12.99, now with over 30% off at £6.99.

The Double Flower Foot Toy is half price at £6.49, previously £12.99. This has loads of woven, natural materials for your Parrot. 

The Spinning Triangles Stacker has 16 angular coloured pieces for beaks to get to grips with. Was £7.99, now £5.99. 

The Mini Foraging Pouch has loads of material a bird needs to work through to get to their reward. Was £15.99, now only £10.99. 

The Sputnik is now priced at £6.99, previously £8.99. 

The Carousel Chew spins around as your bird plays, giving them more of a chewing challenge. Was £8.99, now £6.49. 

The Medium Palm Caterpillar has layers of natural materials bundled together, just like the small one pictured below. Was £3.99, now £2.99. 

Toy Making Parts

The pack of 15 3/4" beads are sure to revamp your Parrot's toys or can be hidden in foraging toys. Was £3.99, now £2.99. 

Intrigue your Parrot into playing with toys with the 24 Wood Spools. Were £7.99, now £4.99. 

Circular Wood Wheels are discounted even more to £3.99. 

Use Cotton Rope to refill preening toys. Was £8.99, now £5.99. 


Parrot Premium Professional Seed is one of the most nutritious seed diets you can buy. It has been developed to our exact requirements, with a mix of tasty ingredients. Get two packs of the 2.5kg bag for £19, (usual price £10.99) or two bags of the 12.75kg pack for £69 (usual price £42.99.) 

Fruit Delight AviCakes are also full of nutrition for your Parrot, and you can buy two packs for £10.

You can add any of the scrumptious treats to the Kabob Holder, which has a not to be missed sale price of £4.99 (normally £5.99.)

Your Parrot can enjoy some of the foods they’d find in their natural habitat with Habitat food. With food for African, South American and Australian Parrots, there is something for every Parrot. The food is usually £18.99, but in our sale is £14.99.

Rolled into berry shaped pieces, Lafeber NutriBerries are fun to hold and even more fun to eat. Plus, they’re coated with 40 essential nutrients that all Parrots need. Get the four tasty flavours, El Paso, Tropical, Sunny Orchard and Garden Veggie for just £26.99. That’s a huge saving from £35.96 if you were to buy them separately. 

Buy the Pack of 6 or 24 Jelly Fruit Cups and Holder at discounted prices against their usual retail price. They were £13.98 and £21.98 respectively, but are now reduced to £11.99 and £18.99.

Kaytee Bird Greens are full of natural vegetation that all Parrots love, and in our big sale buy two for £5 (normal retail price £2.99.) 

Other Kaytee products that are on offer in the big January sale are Kaytee Rainbow Cockatiel, Kaytee Parrot and Kaytee Parrot Chunky.

Purchase two of the nutritionally complete Kaytee Cockatiels for £10.99, normally £6.50.

Alternatively, buy any two of the Kaytee Parrot or Chunky for £20 (usually £12.99 for one.)

The 15kg bag of Prestige Fruit Mix was £86.99, now £78.99. It has 10 different fruits for a fun eating experience for your Parrot. 

Get even more off Shelled Hazel Nuts, as they're now only £6.99 (previously £7.99.)
Almond Kernels are lower still, at £4.99. 

The 22.68kg of Tidymix Parakeet Diet is only £54.99 (previously £57.99.) It has over 21 healthy ingredients. 

The Pretty Bird for Cockatiels was £7.99, now £5.99. It gives your Tiel all the nutrition they need. 

Delicious Elderberries were £3.99, now just £2.99. They are high in important Vitamin C and E. 

Many of Hagen's food's food is on sale. The Lifetime Granules were £11.99, now £9.99. They are available in a stick shape too, in a 3.63kg bag for £22.99, previously £19.99. 

The Canary Seed gives Canaries all the nutrition they need. Was £3.99, now £3.49.

The 9.07kg High Performance Sticks and High Performance Biscuits were £42.99, now £39.99. Both help to convert your Parrot from a seed based diet to a complete one. 

The Hagen Pro-Mix has a wide range of ingredients to give your Parrot lots of different seeds. Was £4.99, now £3.99. 

The Cockatiel High Performance Granules were also £42.99, now £39.99. 

Store all this food away in a handy small storage box. Was £17.99, now £14.99. 


Not only do the Polly Pipe Hideaways give your Parrot somewhere to hide away in, they’re fun to chew as well. Usually the medium, large and jumbo tubes are £2.50, £2.99 and £4.99, but buy any two of the medium for £3, any two of the large for £4 and any two of the jumbo for £5.


The Tabletop Parrot Stand comes in a choice of attractive colours, making it a fun place for your Parrot to perch and play away from their cage. Was £24.99, now £19.99, saving you 20%.

Both are African Grey Mug and our I Love My Parrot Mug were £5.99, now £4.49.

The Sanded Nail Trimming Tabletop Parrot Stand keeps nails in good condition when your Parrot walks around on it. Was £14.99, now an unbelievable £9.99.

Let your Parrot enjoy playing on their very own Playground for only £19.99, saving you £10. 

The Savic Drinking Fountain always keeps your Parrot's water fresh. Was £1.69, now £1.29. 

For Cockatiels and smaller birds, there is the Fountain Feeder, was £3.99, now £2.99. 

Stop your Parrot tipping their food over with the Sure Lock Feeding Dishes. The Small was £7.99, now £5.99, and the Large was £9.99, now £7.99. 

Scatterless Ceramic Feeders are all reduced in price as well. These reduce food mess on the floor of your bird's cage too. 

Keep your Parrot's cage tidy with Sanded Sheets, were £2.75, now £1.99. 

Heaven Fresh helps to purify the around your home. Get the 280XJ for £119.99 (previously £129.99) or the Heaven Fresh 310A for £179.99 (normally £199.99) or the spare dust collection grid for £12.99 (previously £14.99) or the replacement UV lamp for the 3000c model for £12.99 as well.

Wild Birds
Enjoy feeding all the wild birds visitng your garden at a discounted price. Sanitize drinking water with the Water Sanatizer, previously £5.99, now £5.49. 

The 12.75kg Black Sunflower Seed was £15.99, now £13.99. Many wild birds are attracted to it. 

The Suet Pellet Feeder keeps these style of pellets dry, so none is wasted. Was £10.99, now £7.99. 

The Metal Peanut Feeder and Funky Peanut Feeder are both discounted. Enjoy feeding these birds a yummy meal. 

The Funky Seed Feeder and Fat Ball Feeder have been lowered in price too. 

Finally, the Sunflower Hearts Feeder was £8.99, now £6.99. 


Help to keep your Parrot’s plumage in good condition, and reduce feather plucking, with the Pluck No More and Feather Shine Shampoo Combo. You’ll get the shampoo for free when you buy this pack for £34.99, normally £12.99.

When your Parrot makes a mess in their cage, clean it away quickly and easily with the Poop-Off Brush & Wipes. This amazing value pack is ready to buy for £12.99, normally £16.98.



All of our Wavy Calcium Perches have been discounted in our big January sale. The small, medium, large and jumbo were £5.99, £6.99, £7.99 and £8.99, now down to £3.99, £4.99, £5.99 and £6.99.

The Wavy Calcium Perches give your Parrot a source of calcium as they perch, which helps them build strong bones.

And to help keep their names short, try the Sanded Nail Trimming Perches. Small, medium, large and jumbo were £7.99, £9.99, £12.99 and £15.99, discounted to £5.99, £7.99, £9.99 and £11.99 for this month only.

The medium sized Parrot Boing is a source of fun and exercise for your Parrot, with space to add more fun materials too. Was £12.99, now £7.99.

The Desert Parrot Perches are shaped like natural cholla wood, and also help to keep your bird’s feet well exercised. Three sizes are available, small, medium and large, which are usually £6.99, £9.99 and £14.99, but in the January sale, will only be £3.99,
£5.99 and £9.99.

The new Jute Zig Zag Perches have only just been introduced, but you can already start saving on them. RRP for the small, medium, large and xlarge are £11.99, £14.99, £18.99 and £21.99.

The Four Way Cotton Perches, available in a small, medium or large size, split the fun four ways for your Parrot. The Large was £14.99, medium was £11.99 and small was £8.99, now £7.49, £5.99 and £4.99.

The Liana Perches, available in a small and large size as well, were £14.99, £12.99 and £6.99, now £10.99, £8.99 and £4.99. 

The Swinging S Perch is available in a medium, large or giant size, but all have lots for your Parrot to enjoy climbing and swinging on. The medium was £29.99, and the refills for the large and giant £8.99 and £9.99, but now reduced to £5.99 and £6.99. 

The Jumbo Twister Perch, with all its varying diameters to keep feet exercised, was £14.99, now £8.99. 

The two sizes of Hide & Seek Foraging Perch have been reduced, small was £7.99, now £5.49 and large was £9.99, now £6.99. Like the name suggests, there are lots of goodies in the perch for the Parrot to find. 

The Manu Mineral Perch has nine ingredients found in the Manu River in Peru. Now priced at less than £10, at £9.99. 

All of the Java Perches have been reduced in price and all are a natural, fun way for your Parrot to exercise their feet. 


In these winter months more than ever, it’s important that your Parrot receives regular amounts of UV light.

Fluorescent Light Tubes provide the same levels of UV as natural sunlight. Sale prices start from £14.99. 

The Screw Fitting Lamp Holder was £24.99, now £18.99. It means your Parrot can benefit from UV light. 

You can purchase the handy Deluxe Lighting Kit – Lamp and Holder at the incredible price of £49.99 (usually £96.98) or buy the components separately at the low sale prices of £24.99 and £39.99. Usually £36.99 and £59.99.


Teach your Parrot to fly safely with an Aviator harness, available in seven sizes and colours, including the new mini size. Buy any style for just £24.99, usual price £29.99.


Before training, find out more about this important skill with the Flight Not Fight DVD. Now less than £10, at £9.99, normally £11.99.

All four Good Bird DVD's are on special offer. Teach your Parrot to talk, basic behaviour techniques, understand their body language and demystiify other behaviours, for £19.99 each, previously £22.99. 


The 1kg tub of Powdered Multi Vitamins is now £27.99, previously £29.99. Add them to food to ensure your Parrot receives all their vitamin requirements. 

Encourage your Parrot to rub their beak along the Beak Buffer. Was £8.99, now £7.99. 

Bring your Parrot into breeding condition faster with the Pro-Boost Breeding Supplement. The 100g tub was £5.99, now £5.49. 

As with all our items, stock is limited, so buy early to grab a bargain. These deals must end on Tuesday 31st January 2017 so don’t miss out.

Happy shopping!

PS: For special offers throughout the year please click here

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