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Get Involved In Our Caique Day Celebrations

Published on Thursday, 7th December 2017
Filed under Bird Days

It’s the middle of the month, so it’s time to celebrate another of our favourite Parrot species. This time it’s the Caique. We're marking #CaiqueDay on December 14th. Once again we're collaborating with Feathered Friends on Facebook for this special day. 

As always, Rosemary Low has written a useful fact sheet about Caiques. This one focuses on the Black-headed Caique. The other main species of Caique is the White-bellied. Black-headed Caiques are small, have a distinct high voice and love bathing, so make sure you buy them one of our baths. Rosemary notes that Caiques adore fruits too.

Read more useful information about Black-headed Caiques in Rosemary’s fact sheet here.

As well as the brilliant bird baths we’ve listed above, we have many other exciting accessories for your Caique too. 

You can buy the fruit that Caiques like to tuck into from our Caique food, plus a myriad of other beak-wateringly good foods. 

Between mealtimes your Caique can occupy themselves with our toys for Caiques. your Caique will be spoilt for choice. 

To prevent illness or to treat your Caique if they are feeling unwell try our Caique supplements. 

Finally once your Caique has finished playing with all their toys and eaten all their food for the day they can relax in one of our cages for Caiques. We have travel cages for when you and your Caique are on the move, along with play top cages, open top cages and solid top cages

To celebrate this special day in December, we’ll be running some extra money saving offers on five Caique items. These will be advertised on our Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest pages, so make sure you’re following them so you don’t miss out.

The Triple Foraging Pouches Toy is half price for a limited time only. You can hide treats in all 3 pouches for triple the fun. Was £6.99, now £3.49.
There is now £3 off the Teddy Treasure Toy. The leather bear is filled with lots of materials for your Parrot to play with. Was £7.99, now £4.99.
You can get £5 of the Large Forked Perch. Was £9.99, now £4.99. This perch exercises Parrot feet as they walk across it.
The Small Food Mate holds all your bird’s favourite foods. Now with a saving of £4, was £16.99, now £12.99.
Finally, there is over 20% off 284g Garden Veggie NutriBerries, were £8.99, now £6.99. 

How are you and your Caique celebrating #CaiqueDay? Drop us a comment and let us know. 


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