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Foraging Toys for Parrots - Reusable

Your Parrot will never run out of ways to work for their food or treats

Here are a range of durable toys for pet birds and Parrots offering foraging opportunities. Choose from entry level toys which are great if your bird is new to the foraging concept or complex puzzle systems for the most experienced forager.

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Reusable Foraging Toys for Parrots are the alternative to the natural activity of searching for and finding food. This activity helps to challenge birds on a mental and physical basis. As most pet Parrots have their food prepared and made readily available for them, they often miss out on this essential task.

A birdís natural instinct is to spend many hours of their day foraging for food. Foraging toys are aimed at providing a situation where your bird can replicate this foraging behaviour. Most pet Parrots no longer have to forage for their food, which would naturally take up the majority of their daily routine, so they end up with many hours of free time.

Boredom, because of the long hours of free time with nothing to do, is a serious threat to the mental and physical health of Parrots. This can lead to displacement behaviours, such as feather picking, screaming, obesity and deterioration of physical and mental abilities.

A study by ethologist Cheryl Meehan found that foraging was even more important to Parrots than play. Introducing foraging toys to your bird helps to ensure they stay healthy and happy! It not only works their brain, but feet and beaks get exercise too. With our Reusable Foraging Toys, your bird can chew them all they want, but they probably wonít succeed in destroying them completely. As with all toys, make sure your Parrot is supervised whilst they play with their foraging toys.

There are toys for Parrots just being introduced to foraging and more challenging foraging toys for experienced Parrots.

Parrots work for things they value, as long as they do not also get those items without effort. Avoid offering the same reward in your bird's bowl especially those favourite little treats.

Your Parrot will love working for their food with our Reusable Foraging Toys for Parrots.

Click to watch our video on Reusable Foraging Parrot Toys.

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