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Creative Foraging Systems

High quality, reusable Parrot foraging toys that help you provide your bird with essential mental stimulation

Your Parrot's natural instinct to forage is well catered for with these superb foraging toys from Creative Foraging Systems. Keeping your Parrot’s mind active during the day has now become so much easier.

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Creative Foraging Systems toys for pet birds and Parrots are designed to provide a much needed outlet for mental stimulation, as well as providing a physical workout.

For many years it has been well known that Parrots love to chew and destroy materials - wood, card, paper and rope being amongst the most popular. It has only been more recently that those working in aviculture have come to understand the great need to provide enrichment on a number of levels, including foraging.

As we have for many of our more domesticated pets, food is provided in easy to access bowls, usually filled to the rim with more than they can eat. Providing food in this manner removes the need for pet birds to carry out this natural foraging activity. Many pet birds and Parrots are only a generation or two away from their wild caught cousins, and instincts are still strong.

Naturally birds travel from location to location, searching for, finding and retrieving food from fruits, pods, shells etc. With food so easy to obtain out of a bowl in the confines of a cage, pet birds end up with so much ‘free time’. You now begin to understand how so many Parrots have behavioural problems. Highly intelligent, Parrots easily become bored.

Toys made by Creative Foraging Systems, constructed using strong and easy to clean polycarbonate, provide the perfect way to feed your bird over a longer time. Choose from entry level foraging toys and work your bird up to more complex and demanding devices, keeping their mind busy, healthy and happy.

Northern Parrots are the sole UK importer of Creative Foraging products, ensuring a consistent supply of quality products offering essential stimulation for healthy pet birds.

Click to watch our video on Creative Foraging Parrot Toys.

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