Cockatiel Food | Complete Food, Seed, Treats And Handfeed
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Cockatiel Food

Food to give your Cockatiel a healthy and nutritious diet

Here we have complete food, treats, seed and seed mixes, handfeed and breeding food for your Cockatiel.

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Any of the food we have available would make a great addition to your Cockatielís mealtimes. Much of the Cockatiel Food has been designed just for Cockatiels to ensure it is the most appropriate for your bird. There is an excellent choice of food available and some is Organic.

Foraging for food is a very important activity to most Parrots and is something theyíd spend many happy hours a day doing in the wild. It provides them with lots of mental stimulation. Therefore, you should hide food in foraging toys and let your Cockatiel work to retrieve it.

Despite the importance of foraging, you still need to keep your Cockatielís feeding dish topped up with some food and water. They fasten securely to your Parrotís cage and many are designed to reduce or prevent mess.

For Cockatiels that enjoy Jelly Cups, choose a Jelly Cup Holder that has been created especially for this type of food.

Seed mixes are still very popular and are generally more nutritious than they used to be. Complete and pelleted diets help to provide lots of the essential nutrients your Cockatiel needs to stay fit and healthy, without the issues of selective feeding.

To complement your bird's diet of complete foods and seeds, offer a variety of fresh fruits, vegetable and nuts. Soaking mixes are a fantastic way of providing a highly nutritious meal.

Treats can also complement your Cockatielís daily food intake, and can be used to reinforce good behaviour or to simply show your Parrot how much you love them. Thereís something to satisfy every beak.

Finally handfeed and breeding foods ensure your Parrot parents and their chicks stay in prime condition. Breeder diets are nutritionally complete and help keep parents in good health through this stressful time. Hand feeding foods give youngsters the best possible start in life.

Keep your Cockatielís food in a storage box. There are three sizes available, small, medium and large, so if youíve got just one companion or a whole flock you can keep all their food and treats fresh and full of flavour.

Buy all your Cockatielís Food right here.

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