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Celebrate Macaw Day With Us

Published on Wednesday, 14th July 2021
Filed under Bird Days
Military, Blue and Yellow, Green-Winged, Scarlet, Hyacinth...there are so many species of Macaw and we’re going to be celebrating them all on our Northern Parrots Macaw Day on July 15th.

This month it’s the turn of one of the larger Parrot species, the Macaw, to take centre stage. 

 Facts about Macaws
Rosemary Low has written interesting fact sheets on many of the more popular Macaw species, Scarlet Macaws, Blue and Gold Macaws, Green Winged Macaws and Military Macaws. Did you know for example that nuts are an essential part of a Green-Winged Macaws diet or that the Hahn’s and Red Fronted Macaws are the only Macaws who, when young, have a plumage noticeably different from adults? 


Rosemary Low discusses all this and more, including the personality, appearance, diet and conservation status of these Macaws, in her fact sheets. 

A number of Macaw species are endangered and we’ve highlighted some of the conservation projects that are working to increase their numbers, like this charity in Bolivia that is supporting Blue-Throated Macaws. 

Dot Schwarz has been caring and training her first Macaw Benni for a year now and has been charting his progress on our blog pages. Benni the Blue and Gold Macaw has been learning free flying, much to Dot’s trepidation. 
Everything you need for your Macaw
We have a huge choice of products for Small and Large Macaws.

There is scrumptious food to fill up your Macaw’s feeding dish with, including complete food so they receive all the nutrition they require in a balanced diet, and yummy treats, that could be a snack between meals or a positive reinforcement during training.

Choose from an impressive choice of toys to keep your Macaw entertained. There are all kinds of style of toys that are sure to stop your Macaw developing birdie boredom! 


As evening falls, keep your Macaw comfortable in a cage that’s spacious enough for them to play, eat and sleep happily. We have play top, open top, solid top and travel cages for when you and your bird are on the go.

Keeping your Small or Large Macaw fit and well is straightforward with our supplements. There are supplements to treat all Parrot problems like feather plucking and loss of appetite. 


Finally there is a massive array of accessories for Macaws. These are everything your Macaw needs to enjoy life inside and outside their cage.
Macaw Day Offers
To celebrate Macaw Day we are going to be having special offers that will be running for a limited time around Macaw Day only. We’ll advertise them on our social media pages too so you don’t miss out on anything for your Macaw. 

There will be offers on a food, toy, treat, accessory and perch.

Save over 20% on Lafeber Gourmet Pellets for Macaws and Cockatoos, were £12.99, now £9.99.

Save over 20% on the Santa Fe Parrot Treat, was £8.99, now £6.99. 

Save over 25% on the Acrylic Puzzle Board, was £14.99, now £10.99. 

Save 20% on the Large Corner Perch, was £9.99, now £7.99. 

Finally, save over 25% on the XL Perch Tent, was £22.99, now £16.99. 

Head to our Facebook group Purely Parrots for an exclusive offer too. 


We’d love it if all our Macaws and their owners could get involved on our Macaw Day. Send us your pictures or let us know how you’re celebrating and we’ll share the best ones.
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