Cardboard And Paper Parrot Toys For Chewing And Foraging
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Cardboard & Paper Parrot Toys

Fun and safe toys your Parrot can chew, rip and shred

Here are shreddable cardboard and paper toys for pet birds and Parrots. Keep your feathered friend happy and busy with a range of chewable cardboard slices, rings and more.

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Cardboard and Paper Parrot Toys are made from bird safe parts so you can sit back and relax. Parrots love the sound cardboard and paper makes as they pull and rip it apart, even more so if there is a reward waiting inside.

Being a relatively soft material, cardboard and paper is great for all types of birds and Parrots. Shaped cardboard slices are often sandwiched between wood parts, and the corrugated type cardboard makes the perfect place to hide seeds and nuts for your bird to find and remove; turning these fun shreddable toys into mentally stimulating foraging ones!

For those Parrots who are super chewers take a look at the range of Birdie Bangles and Parrot Pipes. These tightly rolled cardboard tubes keep growing in popularity with birds and owners alike. Great to hand over as a foot toy, or attach to your bird's cage with a quick link or rope, or use alongside other toy making parts to create a toy of your own for your bird.

Looking to fill the time of a mischievous Parrot? Paper rolls, need we say more?! They can be fitted to toys or attached to the cage using rope or chain, and Parrots adore pulling lengths off and then ripping and chewing it all to pieces.

Paper rope comes twisted and knotted up, usually with wooden blocks, for further chewing pleasure, and offers your pet bird or Parrot a safer alternative to cotton rope, as it requires less maintenance to keep it in good condition. The knots provide a challenge for many birds who love to undo things.

Great ideas and designs, using a variety of cardboard and paper materials, make Cardboard and Paper Parrot Toys an essential part of your bird's toy chest.

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