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Budgie Food

Take a look at the most delicious Budgie food and tasty treats available for your feathered friend

Choose from our range of high quality complete foods, seed mixes, handfeed formulas and treats. Find Everything for your Budgie, aka Budgerigar here

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Keep your Budgieís diet fun and varied with our beak-wateringly good food. A superb proportion of the food has been specially formulated for Budgies to make sure itís the best it can be.

Complete food provides your Budgerigar with all the nutrients they need in a balanced diet, many produce little or no waste too. Your Budgie can tuck into complete food from a young age right up to their senior years.

Seed mixes offer much more in the way of nutrition for your Budgie nowadays. Thereís seed mixes with fruits, nuts and vegetables, mixes enhanced with vitamins and minerals, plus mixes recommended by vets, so you know itís of the highest quality!

There are plenty of treats available for your Budgie. Thereís so many interesting flavours like cranberry and wonderful shapes such as donuts. Treats can be loose or hanging but all are an excellent supplement to your birdís diet.

Youíll find Budgie treats useful if youíre attempting to reinforce good behaviour or just want to show your feathered friend how much you care for them.

Place food and treats inside foraging toys and let your Budgerigar work out how to get them out again. In the wild your Budgie would naturally go looking for their food and it is therefore more stimulating for your bird to do this then have all their food readily available in a feeding dish.

The best option for baby Budgies would be for them to feed from their parents, but if that just isnít an option you can rely on one of our top quality and widely trusted handfeeding formulas. Syringes can help you to safely administer food to your baby Budgerigar.

Egg food is a welcome meal any time of year, but especially for Budgie parents and chicks during the breeding season.

After mealtimes you can store all your birdís food and treats in a storage box, available in a small, medium or large size. As the lid is very tight, it prevents the sunís rays, water and pests (and your Budgie!) from getting into the box, so food stays in good condition.

A small collection of food is Organic, meaning it contains no artificial colours or preservatives and is arguably a better choice for your Budgie.

Find lots of yummy Budgie Food right here.

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