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Quality indoor bird and aviary foods

A range of delicious seed based diets from Bucktons available in handy pre-packs and bulk sacks. Each recipe is made with a wide variety of ingredients to appeal to all Parrots from Cockatiels to Cockatoos to Large Macaws.

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Bucktons can be traced back over 200 years; the company was founded as general merchants under the name George Buckton and Sons Co. Ltd and operated from Hull.

They successfully traded until after the First World War, when the company was bought by the Hutchinson family. During the 1960ís the Hutchinson family made the decision to concentrate on producing products for pigeon and pet bird keepers. It has really been since then that the Bucktons brand has really taken shape.

As true as the saying goes, from small seeds, great companies grow. Business continued to increase, as did the range of highly sought after products for a growing market. As much as the demand stayed high, the George Buckton brand continued to deliver high quality mixes.

In 1995, George Buckton Ltd was bought by Cranswick Pet Products who continued to produce and supply this range of popular feeds for all types of pet Parrots under the name Bucktons.

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