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The Creative Foraging Wheel for Parrots – Product Review and How To Use Guide

The Creative Foraging Wheel is the ultimate treat dispenser for Parrots, providing your bird with essential mental stimulation. Watch our video for more information on this unique, Parrot approved product. Get top tips and a how to use guide from the Northern Parrots team in this quick video…



About the Creative Foraging Wheel

The wheel has five compartments, watch as your bird has to spin the wheel to collect their treats from the small hole at the front. If your Parrot is new to foraging toys, let them watch you place the treats inside. You can shop product here and check our more foraging products and toys here. 


The Foraging Wheel attaches to the side of your cage with ease. The wheel has prongs which fit in the gaps of the cage bars. Once positioned you screw the nut part on.


We provide high quality, reusable Parrot foraging toys that provide your bird with essential mental stimulation. Your Parrot’s natural instinct to forage is well catered for with these superb foraging toys. Keeping your Parrot’s mind active during the day has now become so much easier! You can view more videos from David and the team here.

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