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sun conure

Meet Rio the Sun Conure

Say hello to Rio the Sun Conure. Tell us about Rio Rio is a 2 year old Sun Conure. I purchased him from a private breeder when he was 3 months old. He wasn’t tame and was quite scared. After some very tedious daily interaction sessions, he’s the cuddliest bird ever! It’s very rewarding when […]

Meet SunSun the Sun Conure

Say hello to SunSun the Sun Conure. Thank you to Bea, who has sent us this month’s Meet My Parrot article, all about her Sun Conure SunSun. Why did you choose a Sun Conure? I didn’t know much about Sun Conures before him. I was going to buy a Pineapple Conure but SunSun’s breeder called […]

Sun Conure Fact Sheet

Rosemary Low tells us more about the Sun Conure. Scientific name:  Aratinga solstitialis Origin Brazil only in Roraima state, in the north-east corner; central Guyana, now known only from the Karasabai and Karanambo areas where it is local and uncommon. It is extinct throughout most of its former range. In Birds of Northern South America, Robin […]

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