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Who’s Joining Us For Meyer`s and Senegal Day?

Find out more about Meyers and Senegals Day. We’ve been celebrating many of our popular Parrot species over the past few months, and this September it’s two birds in one, when we celebrate Meyers and Senegals, both members of the Poicephalus family. We’ll be celebrating these lovely Parrots on September 21st.  Learn more about Meyers […]

Meet My Parrot – Squidge The Senegal

Thanks to Rebecca Davis for telling us about her Senegal Squidge. This is Squidge, 13-year-old male Senegal. Why did you choose a Senegal? I wasn’t looking to adopt a Senegal specifically; I just fell for him the first time we met. He is so affectionate and has bags of personality but can also be a […]

Meet Mishu the Senegal and Maya the African Grey

Say hello to Mishu the Senegal and Maya the African Grey. For this month’s Meet My Parrot article, we’re going to meet Marius Torsan from Romania and his flock, Mishu the Senegal and Maya the African Grey. Over to Marius who tells us his story. About my birds This story starts in early 2000 when […]

Meyer’s and Senegal Toy Guide

Here’s our guide to Meyers and Senegal toys. There are lots of different toys for your Meyer’s or Senegal to play with. Here we look at the different styles available and the most popular from each category. Foraging Toys A natural instinct for most Meyer’s or Senegal Parrots is to go foraging for food and […]

Senegal Fact Sheet

Thanks to Rosemary Low for this interesting fact sheet about the Senegal Parrot. Scientific name:  Poicephalus senegalus Adult length:  23cm (9in) Adult wingspan:  about 43cm (17in) Adult weight:  125g Potential lifespan:  35-40 years Find lots of Senegal products here. Status in wild:  Common Origin:  Central-western Africa Sexing:  The under tail coverts (those below the vent) are slightly […]

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