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Rosemary Low

Helping Conservation Interview with Rosemary Low

Rosemary Low explains how she got into conservation. Why are you so passionate about birds? What drew you to them in the first place? I have noticed that many people are passionate about a certain subject from a very early age. This age is so young that it almost seems as though they were born […]

Rosemary Low: Her Influence and Inspiration

Dot Schwarz tells us about Rosemary Low. Rosemary Low Rosemary Low’s main aims are ‘to widely publish information which will lead to a better standard of care for captive birds and to promote and assist with Parrot conservation projects.’ Rosemary, undisputedly one of the world’s leading experts in many fields of Parrot knowledge – be […]

About Rosemary Low

Find out about Rosemary Low.  Rosemary Low is a British aviculturist, ornithologist, conservationist, writer and expert on Parrots. She started her career as a writer for the magazine, Cage and Aviary Birds. At that time, she had a collection of about 50 Parrots. Career She later spent nearly eight years in the Canary Islands where […]

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